Forza Horizon 4 : My WORLD RECORD Challenge!!

15 apr 2021
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Forza Horizon 4's World Record Attempt Challenge is here! Today we're trying to set the Fastest FH4 Time and break an FH4 World Record! Can we do it? If you enjoyed this video subscribe for more Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay, Customization, Let's Play and more!
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  • After 5 hours of driving this circuit I set the best time I could. Think you can beat it?

    AR12GamingAR12Gaming27 dagar sedan
    • @Mr.SupraYT nah Forza better

      DreamableGKDreamableGK24 dagar sedan
    • How are you only level 12

      Logan KennethLogan Kenneth25 dagar sedan
    • @Brendan Simms yes and also play more eliminator

      Joe mama ObamaJoe mama Obama26 dagar sedan
    • Can you please do more challenges with your "Forza Rival", @Ray-Vision ? (A.K.A. "Driving-My-Jeep Patriot-Into-A-Ditch Vision")

      Brendan SimmsBrendan Simms26 dagar sedan
  • I. Eeb

    Lynn GreenLynn Green2 dagar sedan
  • Buy cars from the Horizon backstage please please please!!!!😂😂😂😂

    Jon VolpeJon Volpe16 dagar sedan
    • Z

      Jon VolpeJon Volpe15 dagar sedan
  • Do u what I love is that everyone watching is going to go and break it

    Mrsweat101 !Mrsweat101 !18 dagar sedan
  • Ur letting ur rpms hit rev limiter before shifting need to shift sooner on dirt and get fast times

    Nikita WilliamsNikita Williams18 dagar sedan
  • my best position is 48th in world out of 6M people in a speed trap

    Anass MadadAnass Madad20 dagar sedan
  • GG

    VFORCE BTWツVFORCE BTWツ20 dagar sedan
  • FH4: has the "switch e-brake/clutch" option in Controls -> Advanced ever since day one (and most older Forza titles do too) Nick: switches e-brake and clutch from the XBOX controller settings themselves

    Dario PiovaniDario Piovani21 dag sedan
  • why didnt you just brake on the "entry" to the jump and use your momentum to gain on em so you wouldnt lose speed from the impact on the ground..

    gentlegentle21 dag sedan
  • on that S1 board i ran my Manta and for a while i was pretty competitive. if i had the game still installed i would start trying to beat the board again with unconventional cars

    marc jamesmarc james22 dagar sedan
  • Damn I wonder if I still have the S1 world record after this video

    13b Eunos13b Eunos23 dagar sedan
  • Bro I was offline so I couldn't watch SEworld but I accidentally found the OP Meyers manx

    Finn MacleodFinn Macleod23 dagar sedan
  • 👍

    Bias DragBias Drag24 dagar sedan
  • Hi I have a question if you should start playing car games like need for speed or Forza or the crew 2. Which is most recommended if you want to drive around with friends and escape from the police and mostly chill but at the same time sometimes drive racing but mostly chill with friends and go around the world and get fat cars?

    Teo HagbergTeo Hagberg24 dagar sedan
  • Are we all just gonna ignore that he has almost 1b credits?

    Sindre HanssenSindre Hanssen24 dagar sedan
  • Well you failed.

    Monke RBLX HCR2Monke RBLX HCR225 dagar sedan
  • I know we all wish Nick had the same amount a subs that he has money in the game

    Jaimee KaffkaJaimee Kaffka25 dagar sedan
  • keep up the great work i know u can make it

    Gexrge on 60fpsGexrge on 60fps25 dagar sedan
  • Do a garage tour

    Marc CormierMarc Cormier25 dagar sedan
  • Why does it always piss me off when he calls forza fortsa

    Matthew BeardMatthew Beard25 dagar sedan
  • Revisit Forza horizon 1

    saad mansoorsaad mansoor25 dagar sedan
  • All u have to do is buy the FH4 ultimate bundle for $20 and u get all of the DLC packs, Lego Speed Champions and fortune island

    Thomas WomackThomas Womack25 dagar sedan
  • Bring back the forza horizon 4 challenges

    Colin1.c Apple Tech and GamingColin1.c Apple Tech and Gaming25 dagar sedan
    • it would be so cool!!!

      Colin1.c Apple Tech and GamingColin1.c Apple Tech and Gaming25 dagar sedan
  • I’d beat you easily on that lap, I just need a 30 second headstart, great vids.

    DEAN ThomasDEAN Thomas25 dagar sedan
  • do i even want to look at the leaderboards now :()

    C GamerC Gamer25 dagar sedan
  • by the time im watching this it has 69 dislakes lol

    LeKidLeKid26 dagar sedan
  • There are so much cars that forza horizon 4 didn’t add

    StormStorm26 dagar sedan
  • forza not fortsa

    KinetzaKinetza26 dagar sedan
  • Wtf the razor tachyon was just in the game to get for free and 2 weeks later they put it in the forzathon shop bro

    XD L3m0nXD L3m0n26 dagar sedan
  • i have a feeling that after the vid someone at least tried to defeat you just because they can

    FBIFBI26 dagar sedan
  • 11:20 And now... Nick suffering

    Ethan HaasEthan Haas26 dagar sedan
  • Why is the quality so bad even on 1080p?

    ShayShay26 dagar sedan
  • Ngl I am Hamilton and ggs btw I'm 11 I cant believe how many tries u took XD

    Adam KeebleAdam Keeble26 dagar sedan
  • i have nothing to film for you guys be a better driver, revisited: 👁👄👁 also id like to see u build the riciest car everm remembered an old challange u did w raymond in fh3.

    DarudekYTDarudekYT26 dagar sedan
  • DJ: hold my beer

    BreadstickBreadstick27 dagar sedan
  • Driving skill? Ummm are you sure about that I can drive blindfolded and drive better then you 😂😂😂😂😂

    Max MehlMax Mehl27 dagar sedan
  • never seen anyones eybrows as steep as his

    Rayaan Firdaus IraniRayaan Firdaus Irani27 dagar sedan
  • Guy probably swapped the flywheel out of the tune just to slow it down enough that no one could beat him lol. I've done that on a few tunes. Made the tune then gone in and swapped the rims to lighter ones or changed the aero. You can have my tunes but you can't beat me with them.

    burns0100burns010027 dagar sedan
    • Bold of you to assume Hamilton would do that. He just ran a better lap. His tunes are legit and he can 100% be beaten with them.

      53Rain53Rain25 dagar sedan
  • What car is he using?

    Xyth 760Xyth 76027 dagar sedan
  • i Download Demo I Thought I Can Save My Progress Im SO Dumb

    ChilleyChilley27 dagar sedan
  • that hoodie looks nice wonder where i can buy them?

    Timo DibbetsTimo Dibbets27 dagar sedan
  • So anybody forgot about the be a better driver...

    pro gamerpro gamer27 dagar sedan
  • I got a new idea for a great game . So your a fashion designer and you have to do fashion shows and build up a collection of rare clothing and enter competitions and stuff .Then i thought you could build up something called say , wheelspins with special prizes but just to annoy the heck out of everyone , instead of winning clothes that are the main thing about the game there could be a load of pointless cars you can win that you have no use for what so ever . I think it could catch on .

    Rust Is NOT a CrimeRust Is NOT a Crime27 dagar sedan
  • Do more of this

    Exotic95Exotic9527 dagar sedan
  • Pls do another challenge with ray like best submarine car (cars that can go through water)

    HP 0101HP 010127 dagar sedan
  • You should do this in the crew 2

    Tom RuttenTom Rutten27 dagar sedan
  • Bro u make me so fricking happy it's unrealll I reallylly love u

    areumadbroareumadbro27 dagar sedan
  • “Fastest time, “In the world” if you know that then you are of and very cool

    Himdawg16Himdawg1627 dagar sedan
  • Nick you should try this sort of thing on the crew 2 with the "going back to my roots" touring car race, I'm 30th in the world on it atm

    Logan KurtzLogan Kurtz27 dagar sedan
  • I just wanna know when we’ll have all the cheated stunt scores reset. I know I’m top 1% on nearly everything if the cheaters get chopped

    ZephyrZephyr27 dagar sedan
  • My car faster

    try hard gamingtry hard gaming27 dagar sedan
  • What car is he driving at the beginning of the video?

    yellowgameryellowgamer27 dagar sedan
  • I am waiting for a stickers that says Forza lover

    shi yuen fungshi yuen fung27 dagar sedan
  • Well done young man.

    koushakkoushak27 dagar sedan
  • Meet soon ?please

    idkidk27 dagar sedan
  • You should review and customize Fortnite cars

    Nathan RuarkNathan Ruark27 dagar sedan
  • Should I get FH4 or wait for the FH5

    Dino HalilovicDino Halilovic27 dagar sedan
  • If people want to get easily for top 1000 you should try trailblazer that is close to needle climb only you need is fortnune islandd and good offroad car that is fast like Hoonigan RS200 i got 1,3k of over 1 million at first succesful try so you really should try it

    AnonymousAnonymous27 dagar sedan
  • Day 93 of asking nick to play trailmakers

    Crazycat 98Crazycat 9827 dagar sedan
  • I play Forza Horizon 3. And it's rivals are extremely extremely hard!! But still i am top 100 in a rival race where there were 400,000 people!!

    prasad risbudprasad risbud27 dagar sedan
  • Spoiler: he failed. Sorry nick,

    Jack FindlayJack Findlay27 dagar sedan
  • Can u play tabs?

    Nathan haywardNathan hayward27 dagar sedan
  • Nick needs to have “The Perfect Lap” from Ford vs Ferrari then he’ll beat the record

    Excaliburtron 5000Excaliburtron 500027 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    papyruspapyrus27 dagar sedan
  • triggers me everytime you say "fortza"

    The gaming cubeThe gaming cube27 dagar sedan
  • Not me waiting for a "I was wrong" sticker

    4K Bread4K Bread27 dagar sedan
  • 9:00 as 1 of 36 people on the planet who shifts with bumpers in Forza when using a controller...heretic's control scheme.

    Exponaut R-01Exponaut R-0127 dagar sedan
  • how nick gets a world record: So i took advantage of the less rich people

    viplusviplus27 dagar sedan
  • I love it my boy nick AR12 keep up the work and I love the video 💯funny 💯😄😆🤣😂

    Dominic KirkwoodDominic Kirkwood27 dagar sedan
  • i noticed on maybe the 3rd to last corner where you hang out really wide you could get some time by hitting a late apex and getting more speed instead of being on the wide line and having a poor second to last corner

    RyanRyan27 dagar sedan
  • I got first on s2 for the loop around the track in lego island and held it for a couple months until I got overtaken. It took about 3 hours to get it

    Jimmy RodgersJimmy Rodgers27 dagar sedan
  • Wow, dedication

    SebSeb27 dagar sedan
  • Nick comes up short story of his life lol

    Phil ReottPhil Reott27 dagar sedan
  • Top 2 in the leaderboard, that's incredible. Now I hope one day Nick will take the throne of the top 1 leaderboard

    Noel DejesusNoel Dejesus27 dagar sedan
    • He has the right idea by looking for less populated races and learning the track. I think the tune could make the difference if he made his own and got it perfect.

      burns0100burns010027 dagar sedan
  • I bet you someone has beaten that record already just cause you made a video on it

    Seth SchneiderSeth Schneider27 dagar sedan
  • Welp we all know nick aint gonna last on this leaderboard

    Sh0wMyRageSh0wMyRage27 dagar sedan
  • Nick; I’m gonna set a world record. Hackers; No, no I don’t think you will.

    WeHappyGamersWeHappyGamers27 dagar sedan
  • play more gta fiveM

    Miel Joaquin M. CastroMiel Joaquin M. Castro27 dagar sedan
  • I hate the Forzathon shop The almost BRAND NEW supposed to be rare Raesr is already getting put up and is gonna be worth nothing most likely

    Cheeto PuffCheeto Puff27 dagar sedan
  • Okay shut up

    Ale BustamanteAle Bustamante27 dagar sedan
  • He's a man of focus, commitment, and sheer fucking will.

    Abdullah2366Abdullah236627 dagar sedan
  • You know someone already put him out of p1

    little figslittle figs27 dagar sedan
  • Do more forza

    Blaze CrewBlaze Crew27 dagar sedan
  • in the intro I saw how nick had a 720s spider then I realized that I had that car but sold it for 100k on accident when it was worth 20mil

    john mikejohn mike27 dagar sedan
  • Number 1 is a little bit too much, take a break

    Exploding Tree PlaysExploding Tree Plays27 dagar sedan
  • 9:08 Why did he not change it directly in game ?

    Alex BrotherAlex Brother27 dagar sedan
  • You are actually a really quick driver when you try to be I’ll try and beat your time but I don’t think it’s going to happen fair play my man 💙

    WilldoesastuntWilldoesastunt27 dagar sedan
  • Nick became tommyinnit after he turned off his light

    Mehwish IrfanMehwish Irfan27 dagar sedan
  • The dedication lol. I bet this is a world record of the most laps on this track

    ShadeShade27 dagar sedan
  • When I saw this video, in my head I just thought of the car on the thumbnail just tumbling down a hill

    Bobzilla666Bobzilla66627 dagar sedan
  • they should add new body kits in for all the cars and add some kits for cars without any for example the 2000 ford cobra Like this so Nick can see it

    Cameron HendleyCameron Hendley27 dagar sedan
  • Nick remates controller instead of changing game settings

    MauiWkeyzMauiWkeyz27 dagar sedan
  • If only those people on SEworld knew how to tune a car. I am not a try hard, too mature for that. But: Car seem to be AWD, which it doesn't need to be in C class, and seem to have a massive understeer going. Could sort that out with RWD rune, more power but throttle control. So either traction control or just try that on the wheel.

    STIGu1993STIGu199327 dagar sedan
    • @7L Forza ikr.

      53Rain53Rain25 dagar sedan
    • I hope this is a joke, because it is very well known in Forza that RWD does not work in off-road events.

      7L Forza7L Forza27 dagar sedan
  • You spoon

    Esterlin RamirezEsterlin Ramirez27 dagar sedan
  • by now some dumb fan prolly beat you just for attention

    L pxrkyL pxrky27 dagar sedan
  • I watched 3 hours of release

    ttv taylornttv taylorn27 dagar sedan
  • hey nick i have been watching you for a while, and wanted to let you know i love the channel.

    Xzam_DylanXzam_Dylan27 dagar sedan
  • I think the rival is your best chance all the pr stunts have cheated scores

    Ben CarteretBen Carteret27 dagar sedan
  • I bet after Nick did this everyone who was watching tried to beat his score

    Agent ToastAgent Toast27 dagar sedan

    Tony YinTony Yin27 dagar sedan