Forza Horizon 4 : The ULTIMATE Outlaw!! (FH4 Porsche 356 RSR Outlaw)

8 apr 2021
197 994 visningar

Forza Horizon 4's Porsche 356 RSR Outlaw is here! We're checking out the RSR Outlaw today and doing some FH4 Customization to build a 1200 Horsepower Porsche 356! The Ultimate Porsche 356! If you enjoyed this video subscribe for more Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay, Customization, Let's Play and more!
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  • Which 356 is best 356?

    AR12GamingAR12GamingMånad sedan
    • @Damarley Delahaye good point! 😎

      Geers TyresoilGeers Tyresoil22 dagar sedan
    • any

      Damarley DelahayeDamarley Delahaye23 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      Keelan KingKeelan KingMånad sedan
    • Best 356? While cool, its still a frankenstein 356 (aftermarket)

      Geers TyresoilGeers TyresoilMånad sedan
    • GMUND

      LinxLaws 119LinxLaws 119Månad sedan
  • I knew i recognized the HSV Maloo in the first race, good to see an aussie car in a game based in the UK, weird seeing it there though

    chrissy08chrissy084 dagar sedan
  • I missed the seasonal events as well as this car because i was busy finishing fortune island and lego speed champion back then So how does it feel like driving and tuning that?

    Ace47GamingAce47Gaming6 dagar sedan
  • wait if the second engine has twin turbos does that mean that it has four turbos

    n1co gamingn1co gaming18 dagar sedan
  • Beetle...

    IdkyIdky21 dag sedan
  • The car is pretty good not gonna lie

    Scott PriceScott Price22 dagar sedan
  • it looks like a batmobile

    Damarley DelahayeDamarley Delahaye23 dagar sedan
  • I’d love to see what rwb would do with one of these

    Ashly PlourdeAshly Plourde24 dagar sedan
  • Is it better than the Gunther works Porsche

    Daemon ForresterDaemon Forrester25 dagar sedan
  • The evergreen limo at 5:40 killed me :)

    Noah SagerNoah Sager27 dagar sedan
  • 1:40 :))))))

    Sergen CelenSergen Celen28 dagar sedan
  • Why do you always kill chickens

    Vaughan FamilyVaughan Family29 dagar sedan
  • Pls say happy vishu for kerala pls

    Aquib ZamanAquib Zaman29 dagar sedan
  • If forza is bring some cars form forza Motorsport 4 in to horizon 4 is it possible that they may bring the DMC Delorean in to the game soon??

    Auto Gamer01Auto Gamer0129 dagar sedan
  • It isn’t as gripy with the engine swap

    Ruben ValkRuben Valk29 dagar sedan
  • I pulled off some nice drifts with out trying to drift that car

    Andrew SheenAndrew SheenMånad sedan
  • am i the only one that is bothered with him calling wheel spacers, engine spacers?

    daniel greifdaniel greifMånad sedan
  • Im working on the apollo IE i got to do the truck thing

    wrecked funtimefoxywrecked funtimefoxyMånad sedan
  • 2:06 I hear Jesko, Divo, 599xx Evo, and Vulcan AMR engine roars.

    Yaseen Ait SimmouYaseen Ait SimmouMånad sedan
  • Day 6 of asking Nick to play NFS Carbon

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • Adjust your gain dude.

    an Americanan AmericanMånad sedan
  • I need to get the castle

    Vasile TomaVasile TomaMånad sedan
  • Pls give me 10.00.00 cr im poor and new

    Vasile TomaVasile TomaMånad sedan
  • Do you use a steering wheel or a controller

    Månad sedan
  • its forza not fortza

    KendociKendociMånad sedan
  • I friggin missed it! I am so mad rn

    Th3 Hyp3rdriv3Th3 Hyp3rdriv3Månad sedan
  • Roses are red violet are blue even my mum is funnier than u

    Cameron BakerCameron BakerMånad sedan
  • Nick has to be the best actor of all time to still be that excited over this game....

    ŁucidBłkøutŁucidBłkøutMånad sedan
  • 0:54 4588 Pista Pasta

    Vox CrackedVox CrackedMånad sedan
  • Hoogican cars: GoTtA gO fAsT

    Zgamer BoiZgamer BoiMånad sedan
  • It’s an amazing car in the video game and even more amazing in person. I’m glad to have seen, touched, and sat in the 356 rsr.


    Gabriel RomoGabriel RomoMånad sedan
  • AR12 in the last 20 secs in the vid it went black

    Gabriel RomoGabriel RomoMånad sedan
  • I completed 50% in the summer. Didn't receive car. Thoughts?

    Zachary HubbardZachary HubbardMånad sedan
  • Ar12 you on Xbox 1 x

    Lonyae MillerLonyae MillerMånad sedan
  • 12:10 blackout!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ethan SchmidEthan SchmidMånad sedan
  • pls pls pls revisit nfs rivals

    MS08 GAMINGMS08 GAMINGMånad sedan
  • I have your livery on my shelby

    Jort Joosting BunkJort Joosting BunkMånad sedan
  • How do u get the stats to appear wjen looking at the car? Like to get the hp and stuff

    Brittain PolleyBrittain PolleyMånad sedan
  • Can you just please make a video on Forza motorsport five please

    Kevin HuangKevin HuangMånad sedan
  • Okay Nick I’ll give you +10 for your Holden paint job

    Jessa PhillipsJessa PhillipsMånad sedan
  • Tf am i the only one who doesnt have these challenges ?

    Nic UlrichNic UlrichMånad sedan
  • Does anhone have this bug that you cant launch the game? Since I updated some of my drivers and W10 I can no longer play forza. Theres just a grey screen and then it just crashes without any error message or anything....I‘m pretty mad cuz I really want to play this game again. Any fixes?

    Anonymus RexAnonymus RexMånad sedan
  • One of my pet peeves is when people say “porsh” instead of “Porsche”

    C1G1 ProductionsC1G1 ProductionsMånad sedan
    • Get over it

      Sgt. Shaved BallsSgt. Shaved BallsMånad sedan
  • Is anyone ever gonna tell him they’re not “engine spacers”.

    bo mattbo mattMånad sedan
  • I rickrolled him before he started recording bruh, he didn't even notice (in the stream)....F

    AhmedA44AhmedA44Månad sedan
  • Nick can you pla project cars in youre revisit series

    Lorenzo Nava IbarraLorenzo Nava IbarraMånad sedan
  • It's so awesome to Rod Emory's creation in this game! I've been following him for a few years and it's nice to see him get the recognition he deserves

    Michael GarrisonMichael GarrisonMånad sedan
  • Why are you shouting? My ears are bleeding Nick :/

    AdaAdaMånad sedan
  • nick you and dj should do a challenge cars video where you guys do a 2000's car challenge from street car, to best drag, then to best hyper car

    Gabriel De la cruzGabriel De la cruzMånad sedan
  • They need to put the Mercedes SLR in the game!!!

    Masonn NuffMasonn NuffMånad sedan
  • At least it’s better choices then the reazer

    Isael Rivera HDSIsael Rivera HDSMånad sedan
  • City camouflage would be a cool thing to see again

    bobby 69bobby 69Månad sedan
  • you should revist pgr 2

  • I DONT SEE that in play list

    Oliver ChrzanowskiOliver ChrzanowskiMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or the rear end of that outlaw looks like the mask of Darth Vader It's probably me Never mind

    Nidhil Raj FernandezNidhil Raj FernandezMånad sedan
  • Men I gonna start play forza now need to get this car now bye

    Karthi VlogsKarthi VlogsMånad sedan
  • I see a aventador a ferrari 250 tr a green man costume and a crown victoria

    T-TROXT-TROXMånad sedan
  • Why cant i see the porsche in the festival playlist

    T-TROXT-TROXMånad sedan
  • Nick I am a huge fan, keep it going man!!!

    William HarrisWilliam HarrisMånad sedan
  • Love the new Ferrari 4588 😂

    JanJanMånad sedan
  • Its nice how you have some rewards meanwhile for me the summer shows Green Man Costume and Ford Crown Victoria

    GravityFloxxGravityFloxxMånad sedan
  • Hey AR12, that cebera speed 12 you had passed had your logo on it. #plugthechannel.

    Malik MorganMalik MorganMånad sedan
  • Not gonna lie thats just an ugly shoe.

    Fuscão PretoFuscão PretoMånad sedan
  • The ending got cut off rip 12:09

    Random Videos That May Be MatureRandom Videos That May Be MatureMånad sedan
  • Nick “this one however is a little bit different” yes Nick all of them are a little bit different

    Brody CampbellBrody CampbellMånad sedan
  • Engine Spacers entered the chat

    RonnenfeltRonnenfeltMånad sedan
  • Still saying engine spacers 🤦🏼‍♂️

    David CohenDavid CohenMånad sedan
    • Yo whats up Ar12? Cant believe he replied to us 😄

      Blaster AnonymousBlaster AnonymousMånad sedan
    • :)

      AR12GamingAR12GamingMånad sedan
    • @David Cohen i dont know too, i thought it was called wheel spacers

      Blaster AnonymousBlaster AnonymousMånad sedan
    • @Blaster Anonymous they have nothing to do with the engine so I don't even know where he's getting it from unless it's just a Canadian thing?!

      David CohenDavid CohenMånad sedan
    • Yeah he still is

      Blaster AnonymousBlaster AnonymousMånad sedan
  • Every time Nick says "lets go" it reminds me of the Da Baby meme

    Chocolate PugChocolate PugMånad sedan
  • How is he only level 11

    Louie LynchLouie LynchMånad sedan
  • What are you gonna call engine spacers on a tesla

    pro thanos gamerpro thanos gamerMånad sedan
  • Stop pronouncing it fortza its forza

    Psych0 Matt93Psych0 Matt93Månad sedan
  • Good video ar12 😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum BurtonMånad sedan
  • Love how he starts and ends the vid at the same place

    JWGaminG 87JWGaminG 87Månad sedan
  • This is what playground games has done, apollo in the shop after it's only been backstage for a while. BMW M3 GTS only in the weeklys 2 weeks ago... The pista was 80% reward 2 weeks ago.....makes no sense

    Kev JohnstoneKev JohnstoneMånad sedan
  • Is this mr beast?

    Ava KnoxAva KnoxMånad sedan
  • Guys, Everyone are at Summer? You earn Porsche 356 RSR when you complete 50% of Summer season, anybody wants join my club?

    TheShibaInuFriendTheShibaInuFriendMånad sedan
  • Stock sounds a bit like a GTR

    Harleys MADFUT and WWE ChannelHarleys MADFUT and WWE ChannelMånad sedan
  • Who's gonna tell Nick he can check the backstage from the menu and doesn't have to fast travel there?

    gg gggg ggMånad sedan
  • I love nicks videos.But he's so bad at driving 🤣

    Lincoln SmithLincoln SmithMånad sedan
  • The rear of it looks like the new supra rear

    WMBSWMBSMånad sedan
  • how do you complete the trueno challenges? those are different from the summer events no? i dont know how to do it i cant find the challenges that are connected to it

    F3G452F3G452Månad sedan
  • hello I’m collecting all the Porsche’s in the game. Are there people who want to sell theirs to me? The ones I need are: 718 cayman gts - 2018 911 gt3 rs PO - 2016 911 imagined by singer - 1990 356 cabriolet emory special edition - 1964

    Kjell OuwendijkKjell OuwendijkMånad sedan
  • Tbh, out of two new cars I prefer Lancer Evo, I mean HSV GTS.

    Janne LaitinenJanne LaitinenMånad sedan
  • I love how u say it is the Ferrari pista pasta🤣😎 @AR12Gaming

    Car GuyCar GuyMånad sedan
  • i love that exposive turbos

    FLIP diecastFLIP diecastMånad sedan
  • Why do your upgrade icons look weird

    Ryan SeelyRyan SeelyMånad sedan
  • New s1 class dominator?

    wipit 11wipit 11Månad sedan
  • “I’ve killed a chicken, I’ve bullied a macan...but I’m winning!”

    Jack McHaleJack McHaleMånad sedan
    • report for animal abuse?

      gg gggg ggMånad sedan
  • is it only me, or did the mclaren senna get less grippy???? was playing today and it DIDN't even turn. it used to be a beast in the corners a week ago...

    Seunghyun LimSeunghyun LimMånad sedan
  • Can anyone tell me how to complete this quickly there no hack to it :(

    Christian James TANChristian James TANMånad sedan
  • Mama mia its a good week for forzaa ! Nick-2021

  • Can someone tell me or link me a video on how to get 50% or 80% in the summer season because I recently got Forza Horizon 4 on steam

    RB26 GamingRB26 GamingMånad sedan
  • 0:52 If Mario played FH4.

    Brandon EbrallBrandon EbrallMånad sedan
  • It is not engine spacers. It is called wheel spacers.

    Mikey DumlaoMikey DumlaoMånad sedan
  • I love it my boy nick AR12 keep up the work and I love the video funny 😄💯😆🤣😂💯

    Dominic KirkwoodDominic KirkwoodMånad sedan
  • Why do you always say "Engine Spacers" my guy. They're wheel spacers.

    Nick MarshallNick MarshallMånad sedan
  • can u build a henissy venom gt

    Angelo WilsonAngelo WilsonMånad sedan
  • Please do a what is the best Porsche 356 video.

    Abhay RamjeeAbhay RamjeeMånad sedan
  • The price for the ae86 is gonna drop after this season 😂 f your 20mill ima get it for free

    464 UBD464 UBDMånad sedan