F1 2020 My Team Career : I SPUN OUT... (F1 2020 Part 58)

27 apr 2021
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F1 2020 Career Mode is here! The F1 2020 Calendar goes to Singapore but we forget how to drive on the last lap and pull one of F1 2020's Worst Spins EVER... Subscribe for more F1 2020 My Team Career Mode Gameplay, Customization, Safety Cars, Crashes, and Lets Plays!
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  • At least I made it past the 3rd corner before spinning...

    AR12GamingAR12Gaming15 dagar sedan
    • Play forza plz

      Lamborghini2597Lamborghini259715 dagar sedan
    • We nned F1 2021

      Rashmi RaiRashmi Rai15 dagar sedan
    • Useless chanel

      Citroen C4 WRC by 思丹Citroen C4 WRC by 思丹15 dagar sedan
    • Aero fabrication

      Agent ToastAgent Toast15 dagar sedan
    • Danny Ric went flying fast

      Tony YinTony Yin15 dagar sedan
  • Yo the reason the ai are faster is because they have no tire temps. It’s always 93 for them

    Chinmay RaoChinmay Rao9 dagar sedan
  • What steering wheel do you use?

    JackGameVid 34JackGameVid 3410 dagar sedan
  • s🅱️inalla

    07EMGEE07EMGEE10 dagar sedan
  • Me: Watches Nick Sbin Nick: *check temps* Temps: really hot Also Me: "Bono my tires are gone"

    Elaine ReyesElaine Reyes11 dagar sedan
  • Nick did Sbinalla

    Elaine ReyesElaine Reyes11 dagar sedan
  • The horns thing also happend to me

    Buddy KajeeBuddy Kajee11 dagar sedan
  • Nick did the s🅱️inalla of the season 😏

    kieran rainekieran raine12 dagar sedan
  • why is nick so dramatic with his talking

    Mud TennisMud Tennis12 dagar sedan
  • I love this series

    Jesse BastaracheJesse Bastarache13 dagar sedan
  • LATIFI sounds more like a type of cheese😅😆😅

    Marcel VičarMarcel Vičar13 dagar sedan
  • There is a new thrustmaster f1 wheel called the sf1000 it has a screen and a cluch and lots of buttons

    Nicinator747Nicinator74713 dagar sedan

  • sBinalla

    AK 7563AK 756313 dagar sedan
  • Spinning on an old engine, imagine if you stuck with the more powerful one. 😅

    il_bambino96il_bambino9613 dagar sedan
  • Where can I get those gloves again? The ar12 custom racing gloves?

    Josh LeoJosh Leo13 dagar sedan
  • Nick's phone rings: "Pronto Nick? S🅱️innalla"

    Patrick KennedyPatrick Kennedy13 dagar sedan
  • Dude I also have Daniel ric as my teammate too cool dude

    Hooded GamingHooded Gaming14 dagar sedan
  • Definitely spend that 11mil on fab in powertrain

    Scott SchlichemeyerScott Schlichemeyer14 dagar sedan
  • Turn off overtake while braking

    AP DhruvAP Dhruv14 dagar sedan
  • powertrain

    KKDKKD14 dagar sedan
  • 16:47 his heart was pounding faster than the 1.6 litre four-stroke turbocharged 90 degree V6 double-overhead camshaft (DOHC) reciprocating engine Haha

    Shreyas Santhosh MathewShreyas Santhosh Mathew14 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who loves this track?

    Chromo_ NoelChromo_ Noel14 dagar sedan
  • Bottas has a slim chance of winning the championship but its hanging by a threat

    Didi MatjilaDidi Matjila14 dagar sedan
  • "Pronto? Nicky Poo?" "..." "sBinalla" *giorno's theme plays*

    Prince EcstarPrince Ecstar15 dagar sedan
  • day 4 of asking Nick to do be a better driver.

    DarudekYTDarudekYT15 dagar sedan
  • Nickypoo... i used to play on psp, and there was a game called Midnight club 3, and you should try it out for the revisiting playlist bro! @AR12Gaming

    Omar13ruizOmar13ruiz15 dagar sedan
  • Maybe start saving up RND points for the season reset? you're probably going to lose like half of them again at this rate

    RyumiRyumi15 dagar sedan
  • Did you end up getting the new sf1000 wheel from thrustmaster?

    M3RCURYM3RCURY15 dagar sedan
  • Racing or ping pongh?

    Sonic_Exe231Sonic_Exe23115 dagar sedan
  • I still dont understand why are you doing only 2 laps of quali when you have 3 free sets of softs ... You have 2 laps of fuel plus ... its not Jeff, its you you moron. EDIT: how the hell can you overheat tires with TC on ????? EDIT2: I cant believe he still blames AI for his mistakes ...

    Ladislav HavelkaLadislav Havelka15 dagar sedan
  • Why is max Verstappen Farrari he is red bull

    daan dyendaan dyen15 dagar sedan
  • Do powertrain upgrade

    AceHomie GangAceHomie Gang15 dagar sedan
  • S🅱️innala

    Mikkel KofoedMikkel Kofoed15 dagar sedan
  • I love it my boy nick AR12 keep up the work and I love the video 💯funny 💯😄😆🤣

    Dominic KirkwoodDominic Kirkwood15 dagar sedan
  • 1:22 what bankrupt🤔🤨

    Tony YinTony Yin15 dagar sedan
  • Me sees spun out on the last lap, me thinking he lost a bunch of positions and ruined his car, actually nothing changes

    F1 FanboyF1 Fanboy15 dagar sedan
  • pronto? s🅱️ innala

    The StratisphereThe Stratisphere15 dagar sedan
  • Please do more gta

    Kelly SytsmaKelly Sytsma15 dagar sedan
  • I think this is the time you start saving points to keep your upgrades

    Andrei IonescuAndrei Ionescu15 dagar sedan
  • When F1 2022 comes out, are you going to be excited for the new Miami F1 track?

    TheGucciGuyTheGucciGuy15 dagar sedan
  • Heck yeah! Been a minute since the last episode. Can’t wait for F1 2021!

    Spirit of OmegaSpirit of Omega15 dagar sedan

    PG16PG1615 dagar sedan
  • When will you make another Home improvements video

    Matthew ElderMatthew Elder15 dagar sedan
  • I knew he would s🅱️inally because he has a ferrari engine

    Jiffy PineappleJiffy Pineapple15 dagar sedan
  • Good job bro 👍

    Stelo HStelo H15 dagar sedan
  • Hey nick! S🅱inalla.

    Goos DondersGoos Donders15 dagar sedan
  • When is the next home improvement video?

    Ashley GreerAshley Greer15 dagar sedan
  • Day 102 of asking nick to play trailmakers

    Crazycat 98Crazycat 9815 dagar sedan
  • “You spoon!” 😝😝😝

    David BennettDavid Bennett15 dagar sedan
  • Yesss

    jordan kazijordan kazi15 dagar sedan
  • so hamilton dropped out of the top five and he didnt even explain how

    Willliam PaschallWillliam Paschall15 dagar sedan
  • No one, me watching him and Raymond’s old challenges cause I miss their videos

    Mason AleoMason Aleo15 dagar sedan
  • Nick: right it's the Singapore gp, just uhh, just turn down the AI difficulty

    ar13gamingar13gaming15 dagar sedan
  • sbinlada

    Miguel FerreiraMiguel Ferreira15 dagar sedan
  • When Nick is on the highway and theirs a grandma going 95 km/h 15:57

    Justin ModiJustin Modi15 dagar sedan
  • Nick starts with the gloves next he will have a helmet🤣

    MrCountingFnMrCountingFn15 dagar sedan
  • 6:09 sWiRlY niCk

    Volt GamesVolt Games15 dagar sedan
  • Ladies and gentlemen he pulled a Mustang

    Never Give upNever Give up15 dagar sedan
  • should start saving your points up for when you have to downgrade the car for the next season

    Toshiro HitsugayaToshiro Hitsugaya15 dagar sedan
  • Is this for Xbox or pc only I don’t have pc

  • You put like 2 extra laps of fuel, but keep it on standard mix for almost the whole race. Either put less fuel in the car, or put it on rich for more time!

    Blake MottBlake Mott15 dagar sedan
  • Hey nick. When are you turning off all assists on F1?

    SprxtGamingSprxtGaming15 dagar sedan
  • How do you repair the car components?

    It's JuiceIt's Juice15 dagar sedan
  • You

    Tomislav ArbanasTomislav Arbanas15 dagar sedan
  • Good video ar12😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton15 dagar sedan
  • Build time=Engine

    Petr StrombergerPetr Stromberger15 dagar sedan
  • Power department

    TriippyTriippy15 dagar sedan
  • The fight between Lewis and nick is like max and Lewis irl

    Tom RuttenTom Rutten15 dagar sedan
  • Binotto: Pronto Nickypoo. Have you enjoyed your race today? Nick: Yes Boss. The Ferrari power unit is the single greatest power unit there is. Binotto: S🅱️INALLA

    Cheryl Blossom-RobertsCheryl Blossom-Roberts15 dagar sedan
  • Play Forza and test which one is the best Lamborghini plz 🙏🚗💨🇮🇹

    Prince NdhlovuPrince Ndhlovu15 dagar sedan
  • Please make more frequent episodes of F1

    The BeastThe Beast15 dagar sedan
  • Yayy more f1, thank youu :)

    Glen CrookyGlen Crooky15 dagar sedan
  • S🅱️inalla

    Mike ParaskakisMike Paraskakis15 dagar sedan
  • Nobody can escape the S🅱️I N, Not even nick -Binotto, Team Principal and S🅱️inalla mafia leader

    Avi JagavkarAvi Jagavkar15 dagar sedan
    • Sbinnala*

      Guido LuchettiGuido Luchetti15 dagar sedan
  • He is apart of the Ferrari Master 🅱️lan!

    Jacob MooreJacob Moore15 dagar sedan
  • 16:43 Jeff: “I have got a new strategy” Nick: “what!” Jeff “s🅱️inalla!!”

    My vids don’t go Stonk!My vids don’t go Stonk!15 dagar sedan
    • @Guido Luchetti yes I just learned and forgot this

      My vids don’t go Stonk!My vids don’t go Stonk!13 dagar sedan
    • Spinallaaa, pov: you looking for the mammamiya hand imoji

      Shreyas Santhosh MathewShreyas Santhosh Mathew14 dagar sedan
    • It's "sbinnala"...

      Guido LuchettiGuido Luchetti15 dagar sedan
  • Last guy was something shita

    Drummer TimTDrummer TimT15 dagar sedan
  • perfect, we need a be a better driver episode of learning how to not spin out

    LiaTheBxstLiaTheBxst15 dagar sedan
  • I got f1 2020 today anyone have any advices 🤔🤔🤔

    Kristina BulatKristina Bulat15 dagar sedan
  • Nick. It doesnt matter how many durability upgrades you do to the car, your car will NEVER break down if it isnt worn enough but your teammates (and the cars of all other people) can break down at any point and that mechanic is randomly generated and upgrading your durability doesnt change the odds of a breakdown.

    Bruno LangBruno Lang15 dagar sedan
  • Just asking do u edit all of your videos?

    Harry MotorsHarry Motors15 dagar sedan
  • softs do work at singapore your just trash 💀

    OwO What Is ThisOwO What Is This15 dagar sedan
  • Some advice... Reducing the tyre pressures to the minimum will help with the overheating Great video btw 🤌

    Aakief HassiemAakief Hassiem15 dagar sedan
  • Are you going to make a video on the new 2021 Moto GP game?

    Ruben CalleeuwRuben Calleeuw15 dagar sedan
  • maybe upgrade your powertrain next time?

    Shellshock Gaming and toysShellshock Gaming and toys15 dagar sedan
  • 6:17 -hey guys genie here.

    laws BEANlaws BEAN15 dagar sedan
  • You should do fabrication in both chassis and aero dynamic

    ZryvxZryvx15 dagar sedan
  • And ur pit crew is Carlos 2.0 (tryna screw your over)

    Gilbert TaylorGilbert Taylor15 dagar sedan
  • Why does he last so long to upload one of this pieces of art? 😪

    Bermejo 17Bermejo 1715 dagar sedan
  • That wheel and he plays with automatic gear?

    Dulu GabrielDulu Gabriel15 dagar sedan
    • @Zoey Cluff you can clearly see that he s not shifting and of course he's not braking. The game helps. Meh, anyway, everybody plays their style.. but with that wheel, for me, personally, it'll be a shame to be helped by the computer.

      Dulu GabrielDulu Gabriel15 dagar sedan
    • No. Real F1 cars have an automatic clutch. Probably using paddles

      Zoey CluffZoey Cluff15 dagar sedan
  • wow

    KilgorioKilgorio15 dagar sedan
  • The camera angle for the practice standings is nick’s camera is his natural look

    Gilbert TaylorGilbert Taylor15 dagar sedan
  • s🅱️innal🅰️

    Matteo MaranoMatteo Marano15 dagar sedan
  • I’d really like to see nick do a race with strict corner cut settings on.

    Tony RobbTony Robb15 dagar sedan
  • NICKita mazespin

    StevoBPStevoBP15 dagar sedan
  • U didn't "spun out", you Mazes🅱un

    Gawd Pro Max UltraGawd Pro Max Ultra15 dagar sedan
  • curicu spyder

    TheMoslerGuy GamingTheMoslerGuy Gaming15 dagar sedan
  • Nice video

    BH_XtoicBH_Xtoic15 dagar sedan
  • hey atleast it was a free spin and you didnt lose any positions you spoon.

    Christophe Voigt GamesChristophe Voigt Games15 dagar sedan