Building a Limo So Big It BREAKS Automation & BeamNG

24 apr 2021
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Automation's Longest Car is here! The Automation Super Limo! With a Twin Turbo V16, this is one of Automations Longest Cars, but its so Big It Breaks BeamNG Drive... Subscribe for more Automation Gameplay, Builds, Horsepower and more!
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  • I can't believe it broke BeamNG....

    AR12GamingAR12Gaming18 dagar sedan
    • Just have one thing to say, YOU SPOON!!!!

      IT'S YA BOI A A RONIT'S YA BOI A A RON17 dagar sedan
    • It’s a problem with the model in a few areas the model collision touches the ground basically meaning you need monster truck tires if you wanna move

      The CatThe Cat18 dagar sedan
    • OMG it’s ridiculous...

      Citroen C4 WRC by 思丹Citroen C4 WRC by 思丹18 dagar sedan
    • I wonder if the bugatti bolide will come to FH4 itll be reall good with 1,850hp stock

      simbarashae chitombosimbarashae chitombo18 dagar sedan
    • Nick how mods work for you i download couple mods from steam workshop but they not working becouse they are not updated to new version of game

      Davepd 4444YTDavepd 4444YT18 dagar sedan
  • disappointments be like

    Aiden BiehlerAiden BiehlerTimme sedan
  • You want to know what BMW stands for break my wallet

    Landon ByrdLandon Byrd8 dagar sedan
  • nick do you like the 1973 super beetle?

    melon sharkmanmelon sharkman10 dagar sedan
  • Nick speaking portuguese saying "Tchau" POG?

    Just SomeoneJust Someone13 dagar sedan
  • What did Nick do

    Dalton CrainDalton Crain13 dagar sedan
  • When nick made the top speed 300mph, im like wait a second your saying this thing goes as fast as the jesko in fh4...

    David's WRLDDavid's WRLD13 dagar sedan
  • Petition for nick to get signed for the next cars movie.

    David's WRLDDavid's WRLD13 dagar sedan
  • 10:14 because you are the TVR of the Beamng Drive.

    The GncThe Gnc14 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Nick's car: >:3

    An average Demo mainAn average Demo main14 dagar sedan
  • *It hurts so good*

    StaryStary14 dagar sedan
  • cancer

    Allu PygusAllu Pygus15 dagar sedan
  • i love the amount of wings and the size of the main wing :)

    Lachlan BerwickLachlan Berwick15 dagar sedan
  • How did he make a v16 sound like a clapped out civic

    SBworksSBworks15 dagar sedan
  • Please nick stop doing stupid shitty cars it is not funny made them realistic

    iluminattipailuminattipa16 dagar sedan
  • this car do be looking like micky mouse tho

    xd sniper xd sniperxd sniper xd sniper16 dagar sedan
  • Video idea You and your blue crew boys have 1h to build car in automation it can be anything then after you finish byilding your car you jump in beanng and do a car hunt.The point of car hunt is you need to drive your car for 1h while other guys try to wreck you

    Vexi 573Vexi 57316 dagar sedan
  • Do another long vehicle with big tires on the rear, and a huge engine on it and see if it wheelies

    G Men2121G Men212116 dagar sedan
  • The face just gets worse🤣😂🤣

    XdEli 2009XdEli 200916 dagar sedan
  • Day 23 waiting to get unbanned on discord

    Coziest16Coziest1616 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Thomas PlaceThomas Place16 dagar sedan
  • I was laughing so hard.the spoiler

    Miriam RongaiMiriam Rongai16 dagar sedan
  • Damn that is long Don’t do it😠😠

    XdEli 2009XdEli 200916 dagar sedan
  • Sbeve

    IJump AlotIJump Alot17 dagar sedan
  • Why is all the tryhard you tubers always scream i there videos...

    ANONYMOUS_0ANONYMOUS_017 dagar sedan
  • V12- V16??? What happened to the V14?

    logan millerlogan miller17 dagar sedan
  • Oh no i gonna have nightmares for. Weeks

    AMR RacingAMR Racing17 dagar sedan
  • 2:54 yo that looks like da baby

    Snakeays11Snakeays1117 dagar sedan
  • *Loooooooooooooooooooooooooong* boi

    johan carlo acerojohan carlo acero17 dagar sedan
  • Oh how waste!! I didn't get to see the curse lime get wrecked tragically

    Noel DejesusNoel Dejesus17 dagar sedan
  • Why everytime, the front is always a face?

    Henrik RabanesHenrik Rabanes17 dagar sedan
  • Is that a supra?? Mazda?????????????????????

    Hannah IngramHannah Ingram17 dagar sedan
  • le baguette

    [Derrick]八代目[Derrick]八代目17 dagar sedan
  • sup

    Lovely TimanaLovely Timana17 dagar sedan
  • Before į watch this, what have you done again?

    Rokas GrybauskasRokas Grybauskas17 dagar sedan
  • Ha spoon

    Sonic_Exe231Sonic_Exe23117 dagar sedan
  • You should do a Camaro showdown on fh4

    Aaron Donald FanAaron Donald Fan17 dagar sedan
  • Diet sBEVE

    NekrubbobbyNekrubbobby18 dagar sedan
  • Nick is basically the only youtuber i've watched for more than 2 years

    Neo NiklassonNeo Niklasson18 dagar sedan
  • Had headaches from watching ur automation videos

    Aaditya NairAaditya Nair18 dagar sedan
  • It’s not called a sunroof it’s called a moonroof

    Jackson KingJackson King18 dagar sedan
  • you forgot to make the important part of this video, baguette limbo

    Shurayuki_Shurayuki_18 dagar sedan
  • Hey guys can someone please help me I want to buy FH4 on Steam but I want to play offline does DLC packs etc work offline?

    Kyle YoungKyle Young18 dagar sedan
  • I think tesla had something to do with this.

    ninja legendninja legend18 dagar sedan
  • I watched this 13 hours of release

    ttv taylornttv taylorn18 dagar sedan

    BagelplayZBagelplayZ18 dagar sedan
  • make a lamborghini

    Fathead BananasFathead Bananas18 dagar sedan
  • 2:19 that's not horsepower, Nick

    Maaniu AhmedMaaniu Ahmed18 dagar sedan
  • make the meme machine

    Liem VOLiem VO18 dagar sedan
  • welcome bck to making a nightmare

    Liem VOLiem VO18 dagar sedan
  • i would buy it

    Kade PerezKade Perez18 dagar sedan

    areumadbroareumadbro18 dagar sedan
  • Nick's cars movie would be cars 420

    Charlie MillarCharlie Millar18 dagar sedan
  • Jeremy Clarksons Panda Thingy From The Limo Episode?

    Hayden ShillingHayden Shilling18 dagar sedan
  • i remebmber being in stream for the 2 hours and it ending with nick putting a extendo-bed on the Compensator

    jason crabtreejason crabtree18 dagar sedan
  • Ok but can you try to actually make a good car next time like no memes but full tryhard, good engine, good body, and good cosmetics

    Thomas CampioneThomas Campione18 dagar sedan
  • it reminds me of the top gear limo that Jeremy made with the panda i think

    Dimitron850Dimitron85018 dagar sedan
  • he looks cute

    R1R118 dagar sedan
  • Garage update?

    Mr. MonkeyMr. Monkey18 dagar sedan
  • Twitch Chat: Put a mirror on every row. Nick's Response: That ruins it. Nick puts on a giant wing.

    Ethan HessEthan Hess18 dagar sedan
  • Sbeve has competition

    Joshua CollinsJoshua Collins18 dagar sedan
  • everybody gangsta till nick turns a limo into a furry.

    FrostyFrosty18 dagar sedan
  • Build little car but whit big rocket, like this 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

    marco polomarco polo18 dagar sedan
  • I think Jeremy Clarkson drove this once upon a time...

    Happysock11Happysock1118 dagar sedan
  • @AR12gaming do a realistic build & make a gma t.50 competitor you can use any super/hyper car body and use a carbon fiber chassis build it to the price of no more then 2.5 million build a high revving between 11,500-12,100 rpm 3.0-3.9 litre v12 hp range 650-750 hp 6 speed manual three seater layout just like the mclaren f1 & gma t.50( f1 successor) thanks todd.

    Todd RobinsonTodd Robinson18 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely love AR12 I have be n watching him from the beginning it makes me happy to know not much has changed HAHAHAHA

    EdwardEdward18 dagar sedan
  • Watching this with tea 👁️👄👁️

    EdwardEdward18 dagar sedan
  • It looks like Lightning McQueen and Mater squished together

    Susan WinfieldSusan Winfield18 dagar sedan
  • Nick's big wing make me think of the Koenigsegg Jesko's wing

    IsonIson18 dagar sedan
  • This cannot overtake SBEVE

    SkipperReuSkipperReu18 dagar sedan
  • i have just decided that im gonna build a limo in automation

    Dylan DancerDylan Dancer18 dagar sedan
  • Day 99 of asking nick to play trailmakers

    Crazycat 98Crazycat 9818 dagar sedan
  • Your microphone kinda sounds like its broken. But good video

    SpectxreSpectxre18 dagar sedan
  • Literally by the end of the video Dennis did not even move an inch

    Jack GrayJack Gray18 dagar sedan
  • I love it my boy nick AR12 keep up the work and I love the video real true and 💯funny 💯😄😆🤣

    Dominic KirkwoodDominic Kirkwood18 dagar sedan
  • Fastest limo y have ever seen

    Javier ochoaJavier ochoa18 dagar sedan
  • What do you play on

    Rubina AijazRubina Aijaz18 dagar sedan
  • It's amazing. I love it

    James LevesqueJames Levesque18 dagar sedan
  • Idea: Make a car that is going to be more aerodynamic than Formula 1. That is going to be epic..

    MidnightRacerMidnightRacer18 dagar sedan
  • From short cheese car to long limo disaster...

    MidnightRacerMidnightRacer18 dagar sedan
  • so many explosions in the engine bay, one might call it Michael Bay!

    Muhammad SaadMuhammad Saad18 dagar sedan
  • 5:25, that looks like angry birds!!! lol

    עמית וייס-יצחקיעמית וייס-יצחקי18 dagar sedan
  • Nick dont sign up to direct cars 4 "You spoon"

    XD_ bchnnXD_ bchnn18 dagar sedan
  • sBEVE would be proud...

    Pigeon23Pigeon2318 dagar sedan
  • 2:44 sounds like a vacuum cleaner on steroids

    Ian GilliamIan Gilliam18 dagar sedan
  • Longitudinal is crank inline with the vehicle (ie. corvette etc)...transverse is like a civic. As you say, youre a spoon lol.

    Zach BaileyZach Bailey18 dagar sedan
  • Shinyodd’s multi decker bus: finally a worthy opponent our battle will be *LEGENDARY*

    Madude 62Madude 6218 dagar sedan
    • What about sBEVE

      NekrubbobbyNekrubbobby18 dagar sedan
  • no subtitles no mute mode at 11am 😢

    F3G452F3G45218 dagar sedan
  • Does he purposely mispronounce "epitome"?

    LightningBlueMeanieLightningBlueMeanie18 dagar sedan
  • It’s a looooooooooooooooooooong boi

    Leo’s ClipsLeo’s Clips18 dagar sedan
  • Day 98 of asking Nick to revisit asphalt 8

    Purab KothariPurab Kothari18 dagar sedan
  • Can u build a hotdog car but with a banane in it?

    Lasse ZinkLasse Zink18 dagar sedan
  • Looks like a caterpillar had a baby with Satan and it grew some extra horns

    The StratisphereThe Stratisphere18 dagar sedan
  • welcome back

    Gexrge on 60fpsGexrge on 60fps18 dagar sedan
  • Red Banana bus

    Kollin PulsKollin Puls18 dagar sedan
  • 7:56 What Bugatti is that?

    I_am_Blaziken19I_am_Blaziken1918 dagar sedan
  • b a g u e t t e

    Josephi KrakowskiJosephi Krakowski18 dagar sedan
  • Nick you spoon

    Weston CordellWeston Cordell18 dagar sedan
  • The fact that the exhausts are literally routed through the cabin before poking out the back door is just peak Automation at this point

    RunningOnFumesRunningOnFumes18 dagar sedan
  • I have a suggestion: why don’t you make the ultimate wheelie car in Automation/BeamNG? I think it could work. Probably.

    Alessandro W d’AAlessandro W d’A18 dagar sedan
    • Or replicate Jeremy Clarkson’s motorhome! Sometimes my genius, it’s almost frightening.

      Alessandro W d’AAlessandro W d’A18 dagar sedan
    • Or the ugliest car possible? That would be the easiest thing in the world with Twitch chat’s help.

      Alessandro W d’AAlessandro W d’A18 dagar sedan