Forza Horizon 4 : NEW Cars & FH5 at E3 2021!! (FH4 Update 35)

29 apr 2021
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Forza Horizon 4's Update 35 is here! We're talking about Forza Horizon 4's New Cars like the Jeep Gladiator, Porsche 928 and more! We've got some new Forza Horizon 5 E3 2021 Updates too. If you enjoyed this video subscribe for more Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay, Customization, Let's Play and more!
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  • Jeep go brrrrrrr. What car do you want to see in Update 36?

    AR12GamingAR12Gaming13 dagar sedan
    • 1998 honda prelude

      alex Felixalex Felix19 timmar sedan
    • I would like to see a Bugatti bolide

      Mj NicholsMj Nichols2 dagar sedan
    • Supra mk5

      Meme TimeMeme Time4 dagar sedan
    • New supra

      Meme TimeMeme Time4 dagar sedan
    • Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut and Gemera :) SAAB 9-3 TurboX...

      Xyzx GdfgfdXyzx Gdfgfd6 dagar sedan
  • WHY ?!?! OLD CARS !!! Give me an S63 , M8 , new X6M , SVJ , 765lt , GLE 63 coupe , some Teslas.. COMEEE ONNNN FORZAAAA

    StefanStefan2 dagar sedan
  • 5:43 woah what happened to your hair there buddy

    IntellectIntellect2 dagar sedan
  • How do we get fortza 4?

    RJai48RJai483 dagar sedan
  • 1000

    LJHLJH4 dagar sedan
  • Is he playing on the series X bc the forza update still won’t let me even get past the loading screen on my series x just kicks me to the dashboard

    DuhdardarDuhdardar5 dagar sedan
  • Wooww, that Citroën is a classic!

    Alp UzunAlp Uzun6 dagar sedan
  • Why can’t my race launch for the gladiator??

    Citric CorgiCitric Corgi6 dagar sedan
  • Une citroën DS 😮😮😮

    Alexis_msrtiAlexis_msrti7 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait for FH5 cuz for some reason my Forza Horizon 4 won’t work anymore on both of my accounts so hopefully it comes out sooner rather than later cuz i litterally only play this game and MLB every once in a while but 95% is on forza

    shane ralstonshane ralston7 dagar sedan
  • Hey I detailed that Gladiator lol

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith7 dagar sedan
  • Still waiting on the Supra MK5😐....

    Carter DarmondCarter Darmond7 dagar sedan
  • Why do people like having their doors off? That is a lawsuit waiting to happen, neither is it safe XD

    Parker HayesParker Hayes7 dagar sedan
  • Um anyone else Can’t load up the game On series X After the update? Gets to copyright screen and kicks you back to the main Xbox OS menu

    ARX InfiniteARX Infinite7 dagar sedan
  • Actually

    Zach ArendtZach Arendt7 dagar sedan

    Shams Arabi KatbiShams Arabi Katbi7 dagar sedan
  • why do you say forza like that

    richtird Zivitskirichtird Zivitski7 dagar sedan
  • All man I was wishing for the DeLorean maybe soon it will be in forza horizon 4 maybe update 36

  • So to simplify it- this update sucks.

    • BAF YRASH WORRD!!😢😡😢😡😡👿

      I Like Ford Ram GMC NOT CHEVY BECAUSE 2021I Like Ford Ram GMC NOT CHEVY BECAUSE 20212 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know if FH5 will still be on the Xbox one, or only the Xbox series x

    DIRTBike CLIPSDIRTBike CLIPS7 dagar sedan
  • All these cars are trash

    bullybreed2151bullybreed21518 dagar sedan
    • BA DOWFX!!😢

      I Like Ford Ram GMC NOT CHEVY BECAUSE 2021I Like Ford Ram GMC NOT CHEVY BECAUSE 20212 dagar sedan
  • Can we just appriciate how he says forza.

    Dylan MaDylan Ma8 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone knows what date update 35 is coming?

    Neil van den BergNeil van den Berg8 dagar sedan
  • what is fortsa

    STEZY MusicSTEZY Music8 dagar sedan
  • At the time 808 to 810 he is nit actually playing the game so he either is gettimg the videos from someone else or he is recording his game play then talking wich ik alot of ppl do but that is still werid tho

    Michael KohneMichael Kohne8 dagar sedan
  • alright boys and girls, if this blows up, playground games will put the infinity g35 with the vador kit in the game for update 36

    Bradley JohnsonBradley Johnson8 dagar sedan
  • Great, another forza update with cars that nobody wants. FORZA, LITSEN TO YOUR FANBASE.

    Christian JonkersChristian Jonkers8 dagar sedan
  • Mexico?! Noooooooooooo! We want it in Japan!

    Sean WilksSean Wilks9 dagar sedan
  • ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉ.

  • Mexico? Bummer...

    ZyxZyx9 dagar sedan
  • Citroen looks like a turtle

    Mr. K.Mr. K.9 dagar sedan
  • Fortza horizon

    John DoeJohn Doe9 dagar sedan
  • Then where Forza 8?

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith9 dagar sedan
  • Soooooooooo... no supra mk5?

    Jack PritchardJack Pritchard9 dagar sedan
  • I love forza horizon 4, sadly its only available for xbox and pc

    Mariano amayaMariano amaya9 dagar sedan
  • Just need Good old chaser Jzx100, mk2 jzx100, jzx110 , Cressida .

    ALY 007ALY 00710 dagar sedan
  • strad man made his into a 6×6

    j.esus_vj.esus_v10 dagar sedan
  • ...still no Lamborghini Sian or F SF90

    Deacon GandyDeacon Gandy10 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one or where’s the keep at?

    VERZ sTaTiiCVERZ sTaTiiC10 dagar sedan
  • Thats my Dad's car!!!!,,!,,!!,

    Rsm64シ BSRsm64シ BS10 dagar sedan
  • I just got fh4 ultimate and couldn't wait to drive all the dlc cars.Then took the game to my friends and lost everything on both consoles. All the dlc and everything that came with ultimate now it's just fh

  • everyone is gonna be EXTREMELY dissapointed if FH5 isnt in japan

    Mr. HazMatMr. HazMat10 dagar sedan
  • wheres the mk5 supra bruhhh, its in the game files!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope update 36 brings something like a Roles Royce or more bentleys or MAYBEEE, MORE CIVICSSSS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! to the game

    Gavin 240zGavin 240z10 dagar sedan
  • I think they want to go up to update 40, because from 35 to 40 its exactly 5, the number of months until October, the month when they usually release new forza games

    MahryoMahryo10 dagar sedan
  • We need a "actualy" count

    lil d beatzlil d beatz10 dagar sedan
  • 928 is giving me some Patagonia vibes

    RytecRytec10 dagar sedan
  • Next update cars should be BMW m140i , Audi RS3 sedan or a Audi 2020 RS5.

    Stephen lodgeStephen lodge10 dagar sedan
  • When can a Silverado come to forza

    Bryan SandauBryan Sandau11 dagar sedan
  • Calling it right now... the gladiator will not have any cool upgrades because Forza is cheap like that

    JUDYYY01JUDYYY0111 dagar sedan
  • There is a SEworldr (The Stradman ) that has put a hellcat engine in the jeep an also made it a SIX BY SIX

    Grippingchunk86Grippingchunk8611 dagar sedan
  • that porches is Clarkson's (fn82 fkl)

    PaviIion ZPaviIion Z11 dagar sedan
  • Would like to see a 2020 Audi rs5 Avant or a seat cupra.

    Stephen lodgeStephen lodge11 dagar sedan
  • GLADIATOR! The last time I was this excited was the Jesko. I've had plans for painting a Gladiator for months now

    Galen SvenskGalen Svensk11 dagar sedan
  • 1:52 man really forgot the hellcat and is the Sam engine

    Chase MillerChase Miller11 dagar sedan
  • The only way I remember this guy is his notorios For”t”za Horizon 4!

    MMD Cømpåny Recøn! 公式MMD Cømpåny Recøn! 公式11 dagar sedan
  • I hear a new rumor Horizon 4 they. About taking new Mexican map not Tokyo

    jake yangjake yang11 dagar sedan
  • Just give us rolls Royce already

    Skeng in my blazerSkeng in my blazer11 dagar sedan
  • F1

    PizaCrusTPizaCrusT11 dagar sedan
  • It will not be Mexico but India

    The NDstructible1The NDstructible112 dagar sedan
  • So we got the gladiator. Now we need a newer wrangler and the trx

    Jaden WrightJaden Wright12 dagar sedan
  • The Porsche 928 is the best of the front-engine Porsches

    Ivan MoodyIvan Moody12 dagar sedan
  • Day 995 and i'm still waiting for a 03/04 cobra or mach 1

    Dominic HaddockDominic Haddock12 dagar sedan
    • Day 995? Bruh Ive been waiting 3,650 days since they last had it in Motorsports 4

      Mvstng GTMvstng GT7 dagar sedan
  • Who else really wants an old war time gladiator

  • didnt know they added a "t" to forza now... its now "fortZA?"

    Jack SpearsJack Spears12 dagar sedan
  • so basically if i go to UK, im just gonna see a bunch of granny cars

    Kevin HillKevin Hill12 dagar sedan
  • i wish forza would update their cars instead of adding in old citroen’s like the new audi’s (rs6 c8) ect and the new bmw’s

    cammycammy12 dagar sedan
  • A Level 9 at the start of the Eliminator? Lucky...

    RevengeHunter01RevengeHunter0112 dagar sedan
  • Can play roblox

    dummy the crap mincrewdummy the crap mincrew12 dagar sedan
  • Demon engine+Gladiator= Offroad beast

    Lukas NovikasLukas Novikas12 dagar sedan
    • Sick

      Lukas NovikasLukas Novikas11 dagar sedan
    • Theres some one on youtube that’s building one

      Alfredo VillalobosAlfredo Villalobos11 dagar sedan
  • 2:30 this car is art on wheels

    Lukas NovikasLukas Novikas12 dagar sedan
  • The last update car is that the car clarkson was standing on when James throw a 2 by 4 at him

    viper Gamingviper Gaming12 dagar sedan
  • for the 928 you need to give it the famous jeremy clarkson blackboard paint. I'll be reminding you on the livestream.

    NobleysNobleys12 dagar sedan
  • They should make it so convertible cars can have the roofs put on and off by just pressing a button instead of it only being off

    Gabe CollinsGabe Collins12 dagar sedan
  • "fortsa"

  • Beanie car go burrrrrrr :D

    Shane GuyShane Guy12 dagar sedan
  • I’m can’t wait for my car the jeep gladiator is a soper nice car and what do you mean that the 2 car is better the jeep gladiator is better

    Mahkai LarryMahkai Larry12 dagar sedan
  • So another crappy update with a bunch of cars nobody cares, come on PG Citroen DS?? Seriously? Still no Aventador SVJ, no A45S, no M2 CS, no Audi RS cars new gen, no Ferrari F8, no Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0, no Mclaren 675 or 765...most of these cars are from before 2020, I don’t get why isn’t these the priority. I get they’re saving for Horizon 5, but come on last Audi RS cars are from 2015 before...going to release Audi RS cars from 2016 in a new 2021 title and in Horizon 6, 2020 models? lol

    Charlie GamingCharlie Gaming12 dagar sedan
  • Still no Datsun 620!? Boooooo

    Synaptic RelapsSynaptic Relaps12 dagar sedan
  • That 928 gts better get a 5.7l V10 swap

    Victor CoolsVictor Cools12 dagar sedan
    • 🤮

      Mvstng GTMvstng GT7 dagar sedan
  • bruh how tf did u get 999999999 i only have 12 0000000

    Martin DaviesMartin Davies12 dagar sedan
  • Poorsh-uh

    Astral EagleAstral Eagle12 dagar sedan
  • bruh sort out that hair!LOL

    Chris CurtisChris Curtis12 dagar sedan
  • No DeLorean. Phil is really disappointed.

    PhilPhil12 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully this update fixes the crash at start bug so I don't have to wait for horizon 5 to play lmao

    MTB ThiccnessMTB Thiccness12 dagar sedan
  • 5:51 nice hair XD

    HowitzerHowitzer12 dagar sedan
  • We need a Rolls Royce in Forza Horizon 4

    II12 dagar sedan
  • hey hi i got FH4 on steam after a month i can't go after first loading screen plz help. I tryed many thing but it is not fixed please help me

    Victor VishalVictor Vishal12 dagar sedan
  • Also Jeremy drove a 928 on top gear how do you describe what a cars been in and not mention that one was on top gear

    Aaron CableAaron Cable12 dagar sedan
  • 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner. Please Forza... If not in Horizon 4, than PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it to Horizon 5

    CloneKillerCloneKiller13 dagar sedan
  • Would love to see the series 1 Land Rover

    Brodster GamingBrodster Gaming13 dagar sedan
  • What in tarnation is going on with nicks hair in the front

    THUND3R GGSTHUND3R GGS13 dagar sedan
  • 928 is a rlly rare car in fh3 I have it to idk how I got it

    Ben BaileyBen Bailey13 dagar sedan
  • i just dont feel like new forza is coming this year

    LoganLogan13 dagar sedan
  • Is no one going to talk how Nick just found lvl 9 Car in Eliminator?

    Grand PalpGrand Palp13 dagar sedan
  • ive been waiting for the gladiator to come to forza

    Cameron BurnsCameron Burns13 dagar sedan
  • i rlly want fh5 to come out this year bc im not getting a series x/s anytime soon

    spuderspuder13 dagar sedan
  • Luv u😊😊❤️

    splayssplays13 dagar sedan
  • I wanna be the stradman

    Kaidenreacts ✓Kaidenreacts ✓13 dagar sedan
  • you guys saying FH5 might come in this year but we didn't even get Super 7 Hightstakes or whatever it is. LMAO FH5 ain't comin this year for sure. STOP WİTH THE BULLSHİT RUMORS. MARK MY WORDS!

    Berke GürsoyBerke Gürsoy13 dagar sedan
  • I love it my boy nick AR12 keep up the work and I love the video lot funny 😄💯😆🤣

    Dominic KirkwoodDominic Kirkwood13 dagar sedan