Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown : Casino, Location, Release Date & More!!

21 apr 2021
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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown's Trailer is here! We've got our first look at the TDU Solar Crown Casino, Location, Car List and more! We've also got some hint for the TDU Solar Crown Release Date! Subcribe to see more Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Gameplay, Lets Play, Customization, Cars, and more!
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    AR12GamingAR12Gaming22 dagar sedan
    • Bessst tiiimes gamblin in the casino lol 😆

      Rhall2kRhall2k14 dagar sedan
    • TDU SC on the old consoles and switch will be scaled back a lot and in 720P

      Johnny SilverhandJohnny Silverhand19 dagar sedan
    • Yayy

      mixed gamingmixed gaming20 dagar sedan
    • Ok, then play Snowrunner next time

      Blaster AnonymousBlaster Anonymous21 dag sedan
    • Have for xbox one?

      Herbie besouroHerbie besouro21 dag sedan
  • Im thinking Dubai...that would be cool

    Renegade LivingRenegade LivingDag sedan
  • I just want to gamble my lambo on a poker game

    Alex ArangoAlex ArangoDag sedan
  • It says july 2021, on xbox video.

    Lefty AkLefty Ak2 dagar sedan
  • Is this game like forza horizon 4? If so is it better than forza?

    Lefty AkLefty Ak2 dagar sedan

    Johnathan lyndale KirkJohnathan lyndale Kirk3 dagar sedan
  • I really hope you can customize the interior color too, that was one of my favorite parts of tdu2

    Eaven SpatzEaven Spatz3 dagar sedan
  • why tf are you yelling

    Justin CarterJustin Carter4 dagar sedan
  • i only know 1 things from guernsey, W2S

    camolambo Xcamolambo X5 dagar sedan
  • I hope The shelby cobra 427 is in The game

    Luke BoyLuke Boy5 dagar sedan
  • Personally TDU is not really my kind of car game. They focus on the aristocratic, socialite car guy lifestyle, which is lost on me since I'm neither an aristocrat nor am I a socialite.

    Romi ArkanRomi Arkan6 dagar sedan
  • I hated the casino in the last one. I want a car game.

    Jonas FermeforsJonas Fermefors7 dagar sedan
  • cant wait for the android version to come out -__-

    Msd SmtiMsd Smti8 dagar sedan
  • this forza h4....

    wong feij hung szöörmekmokwong feij hung szöörmekmok9 dagar sedan
  • Don't expect crazy car physics. It's all up to the car manufacturers to decide how they should approach it

    nobuyukinobuyuki10 dagar sedan
  • Guernsey is too small, poor, and cold. Definitely not the island regardless of the plates.

    Lucas ThompsonLucas Thompson13 dagar sedan
  • High stakes gambling, tacky hotel interior, gold on everything. This game takes place either in Dubai or Trump Tower.

    SockpoppetSockpoppet13 dagar sedan
  • Finally !!!!

    hmidoe22hmidoe2213 dagar sedan
  • Turns out to be a mobile game

    Nicholas DouglasNicholas Douglas13 dagar sedan
  • I actually don’t think it will be on guernsey because if you look at the license plates they also look a lot like the license plates for the Kerguelen islands. If you remember from the grand tour episode it has that massive costal bridge and crazy mountain roads, a perfect place for an open world driving game

    John KleinsmithJohn Kleinsmith13 dagar sedan
    • Kergeulen makes no sense because there are barely any roads or people there

      CyAnCyAn10 dagar sedan
  • is it going to be on the x box one s

    Ethan BonnEthan Bonn13 dagar sedan
  • I've never played test drive unlimited but it looks pretty cool

    Daniel GarciaDaniel Garcia14 dagar sedan
  • Gonna be amazing, Tdu1 & 2 were my childhood! I’m hoping this game brings the much needed satisfaction that new games lack to give. Also hoping this is the game that puts everything NFS and Forza has done right all into one!

    ChoppaChungusChoppaChungus14 dagar sedan
  • Tdu2 was really underated 🔥

    JP TambaraJP Tambara14 dagar sedan
  • Other people said that the island could be Tenerife..idk why. 🤔

    Johnny Pe ZonaJohnny Pe Zona14 dagar sedan
  • Solar Crown is gonna be a shitty Online-Based Forza Horizon / GTA Mix. Really REALLY low hopes for this to be anywhere near as good as tdu 1 or 2 thank me later for that.

    Marcel TescheMarcel Tesche15 dagar sedan
  • new south wales state in australia also have white on black registration plates

    Edflame4291Edflame429115 dagar sedan
  • I loved the houses in TDU2

    Just talkJust talk15 dagar sedan
  • I'd be more upset about not being able to buy yachts to put my cars on than vehicle customization. Property ownership was special. They need to keep that.

    ITZ NEPPHEWITZ NEPPHEW16 dagar sedan
  • I really hope they have car customization as in depth as Forza Horizon and CarX Drift racing. I want to be able to drive a car with no hood, front bumper or rear bumper. Or have pre made (but also customizable body kits)

    marvyn jean baptistemarvyn jean baptiste16 dagar sedan
  • Talks about tdusc whilst playing shitty fh4

    OG51 ACRCOG51 ACRC16 dagar sedan
  • Ur such a clown.

    OG51 ACRCOG51 ACRC16 dagar sedan
  • The likelihood of Test Drive, taking place in Guernsey is very unlikely😂You don’t go from Hawaii, to Ibiza to Guernsey🤣Guernsey is pretty but it’s not glamorous like the others, with a wealthy casino lifestyle like that so I think not, plus the cars in this trailer are LHD but cars in Guernsey are RHD

    Dark KnightwingDark Knightwing17 dagar sedan
  • I only want to drive a Austin Mini Cooper.

    SynthLizard8SynthLizard817 dagar sedan
  • So what does the next chapter July 2021 mean at the end another trailer or gameplay or release date ?

    kippa Tkippa T17 dagar sedan
  • Both the range rover and db11 are also British

    Harry Frost-SmithHarry Frost-Smith17 dagar sedan
  • took then long enough

    WOLF CLAWZWOLF CLAWZ18 dagar sedan
  • we need wide body charger hellcat dodge Durango jeep track hawk scat packs tahoe gmc

    Retro LLeaksRetro LLeaks18 dagar sedan
  • i’ve been waiting nearly a decade

    Kxng AlexKxng Alex18 dagar sedan
  • are we gonna be seeing convertibles too ??

    Cody JohnsonCody Johnson18 dagar sedan
  • W2S is going to be gassed

    The Ranting Petrol headThe Ranting Petrol head19 dagar sedan
  • YESss horizon vs tdu Can’t wait to bet cars and mad customisation 😆

    AmazantaAmazanta19 dagar sedan
  • Its not in the UK. They are not gonna build a map smaller than forza horizon’s ones. They said WAST. Its gonna be either Tenerife or Gran Canaria.

    PlazticPlaztic19 dagar sedan
    • Also in the uk u drive on the left side of the road. In the trailer they were driving on the right side of the road

      PlazticPlaztic19 dagar sedan
  • Bruh I literally just bought tdu2 for $20 today 😂😂😂 wdfff

    Tylor TurnerTylor Turner19 dagar sedan
    • Just wanted to play the platinum mod

      Tylor TurnerTylor Turner19 dagar sedan
  • What’s the objective of this game? Is it a standard driving game? Thanks for the help!

    NikiNiki19 dagar sedan
  • Could be in Bali. I mean, Indonesia has almost the same license plate style and the last 2 TDU games had their locations in exotic places (vacation hotspots). Malaysia, Singapore and Australia have the same plate too.

    Elmer MatthewElmer Matthew19 dagar sedan
  • 1. Guernsey is way too small 2. That’s not a guernsey plate, guernsey only use numbers

    Robin HaymanRobin Hayman19 dagar sedan
  • Definitely won't be the location for TDU SC, considering the map size of TDU2 is about 1000 square miles.

    Mitch WestMitch West19 dagar sedan
  • It does not show up on my ps4 what the heck

    KeSean WoodsKeSean Woods19 dagar sedan
  • TDU 2 was my jam a couple years ago and now a new one I might have to get it

    nollieolli01nollieolli0119 dagar sedan

    ACEruseaACErusea19 dagar sedan
  • Isle of Man would be good for a location with the TT

    Hayden RoseHayden Rose19 dagar sedan
  • Why does the audio of the cars he is driving not match with the footage?

    The KrispyCrepeThe KrispyCrepe20 dagar sedan
  • If we can play online and get out that car outside its over

    Keno GamingKeno Gaming20 dagar sedan
  • The best racing game of all time

    Keno GamingKeno Gaming20 dagar sedan
  • Clicks on TD video - Get's FH video

    CurbKillazCurbKillaz20 dagar sedan
  • I have a feeling that you might be right in the 1st location but as we've played enough in TDU2, we'll know that there has to be a 2nd location and by looking at how the house looks by it's decedent interior and also the massively opulent casino, I have an inkling of suspicion that the 2nd travel destination might be the south of France like St Tropez with it's baroque style buildings and also casinos or even the entire French Reviera and it might also include Nice, Montpellier, Toulouse, Lyon and even Monaco.

    Jun KitamiJun Kitami20 dagar sedan
  • if we dont get some bmws in this game im gonna be upset, one of the major brands that wasnt in tdu 2. we need a e30,e46,e92 and many more.

    jon erdmanjon erdman20 dagar sedan
  • IM EXCITED LIKE HELL and these vids are so entertaining

    Alexander SchmidtAlexander Schmidt20 dagar sedan
  • So wait, July is just another update, not the release month?

    Matt ChaffeMatt Chaffe20 dagar sedan
  • I really can’t tell at this point if nick was joking about Gurnsey...

    Thicc SeagullThicc Seagull20 dagar sedan
  • Due to the casino's, I think it will be in Las Vegas because there are no casino's in Gurnsey.

    SpinyRhino84SpinyRhino8420 dagar sedan
  • Hope this doesn't turn out like cyperbunk 2077

    its me manits me man20 dagar sedan
  • It’s Barbados Island. The French leaker said he thought it was South American area a while back. Barbados is in that area. Barbados is about 20 miles wide and 40 miles long. It has mountains, towns , a larger city called Bridgeport which has a casino. Has highways ect...look it up . Pretty sure that’s where test drive 3 is

    hmarc1979ablehmarc1979able20 dagar sedan
  • I'm really skeptical of the Switch version. But if they can pull off some wizardly magic and make it look graphically close to the more powerful console versions, assuming those versions are gonna look very beautiful, then I'd be impressed and buy it. Switch needs more realistic driving sim games like this.

    DragonSpirit9000DragonSpirit900020 dagar sedan
  • One of the games I’ve been waiting for the most

    Joe. BidenJoe. Biden20 dagar sedan
  • Barbados also uses those plates I believe

    Oscar TejuraOscar Tejura20 dagar sedan
  • Lol imagine if they put a w2s easter egg in the map

    StonksStonks20 dagar sedan

    #1gamer #1#1gamer #120 dagar sedan
  • I wish it was Next Gen Exclusive even though i don't have a Series X I want the best out of the game!

    Hades Boosted MediaHades Boosted Media20 dagar sedan

    Matthew LongMatthew Long21 dag sedan
  • So excited for this

    unbeatable Khan the great monkeyunbeatable Khan the great monkey21 dag sedan
  • Guernsey number plates are silver on black not white arent they? Guernsey doesnt really have much roads as its tiny.

    Andrew LastAndrew Last21 dag sedan
  • Guernsey is too small imo

    DefyYourLogicDefyYourLogic21 dag sedan
  • What game is the gameplay being shown? Thanks

    John LoweJohn Lowe21 dag sedan
  • Both previous TDU games were set on tropical islands; Solar Crown is not going to be set on some island situated between England and France, those number plates are clearly just place holders. Come on, you're of British heritage, you know how mediocre the whether is here on the best of days.

    Leon DarleyLeon Darley21 dag sedan
  • Typical youtuber. First 2 minutes complete bullshit lol

    KlaudeFXKlaudeFX21 dag sedan
  • ye

    biggesttbiggestt21 dag sedan
  • I hope it’s not Guernsey

    Official_JROfficial_JR21 dag sedan
  • Make another dream garage vid

    Rishan HallaldeenRishan Hallaldeen21 dag sedan
  • Let's goooooooooooooo, I can't wait 😝😝😝😝😝😝

    duel hd gamingduel hd gaming21 dag sedan
  • I want it to be in Oahu Hawaii again

    Storm TrancerStorm Trancer21 dag sedan
  • I watch this 17 hours of release

    ttv taylornttv taylorn21 dag sedan
  • The visual and the audio of the background footage is not in sync

    Kiss GergőKiss Gergő21 dag sedan
  • There were two cars you could win in the TDU2 Casino the Audi R8 Spyder and the Spyker C8 in the Poker hall.

    James BelcherJames Belcher21 dag sedan
  • If you put 114E 022N into google maps, you end up in the Hong Kong / Macao area

    AdraeliaAdraelia21 dag sedan
  • Omg the sound in fh4 if fucked up today

    GamingDragon006GamingDragon00621 dag sedan
  • All just rumours. Nothing of substance. As so often...

    Benn87Benn8721 dag sedan
  • Nick you should finish the TDU2 let’s play like if yu Agree❤️💯

    Joseph AngeronJoseph Angeron21 dag sedan
  • I subscribed and can’t wait to buy it when it comes out for Nintendo switch 😎

    Dasnd VidDasnd Vid21 dag sedan
  • Day 21 waiting to get unbanned on discord

    Coziest16Coziest1621 dag sedan
  • Nissan bottom left next to Ferrari key

    FireballFireball21 dag sedan
  • I hope it’s for all platforms instead of only Being for pc

    Phantom DieselPhantom Diesel21 dag sedan
  • You should do a TDU/TDU2 let's play

    Brad CorriganBrad Corrigan21 dag sedan
  • this game / trailer nd everything is reminding me so much of gta !

    Dylan MitchellDylan Mitchell21 dag sedan
  • I've kinda been in and out unfortunately, does anyone know if Ray is around in Nick's videos still?

    KaseyOnRepeatKaseyOnRepeat21 dag sedan
  • Played a ton of TDU2 super excited for this :D

    oeloel21 dag sedan
  • The audio is off does anybody notice that???

    Lowkey.N1CKLowkey.N1CK21 dag sedan
  • Ayyyy

    BasicallyabushBasicallyabush21 dag sedan
  • 0:50 what... why eliminator

    Tony YinTony Yin21 dag sedan