Forza Motorsport : Play Test EARLY & New Updates!!

5 apr 2021
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Forza Motorsport News is here! Forza Motorsport Play Tests are coming soon to test all the new Forza Motorsport Updates like Physics, Suspension, PI System, Forza Sounds and more! Subscribe for more Forza Motorsport Gameplay, Customization, Car List and News!
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  • Dude its Forza not Fortsa

    Lamar VictorLamar Victor8 dagar sedan
  • Normal people: plays forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox series x Me: playing forza Motorsport on the gpd win 3😂😂

    mem dudemem dude9 dagar sedan
  • You talk so much and yet you say nothing

    Lil YeetLil Yeet12 dagar sedan
  • hopefully no 7.0 cars in 6.0 lobbies.....and they shud come up with lobbies thats just stock cars no upgrades except for like paint

    gary jamesgary james12 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think it would make sense to make it only for new consoles one because it was announced before they were released and most games released after they were announced still supported the old consoles

    Kelly PriiceKelly Priice13 dagar sedan
  • From the rumors, it seems like Forza will be the Project Cars 3 we really deserved

    Sub ZeroSub Zero13 dagar sedan
  • Fortza

    Sam CheeseSam Cheese15 dagar sedan
  • hopefully it's a comparable online experience to GT. better ranking and safety system and better handling on curbs and off track.

    ArGaMerArGaMer16 dagar sedan
  • I hope it’s cross play with windows 10. I miss having a casual competitive racer on pc

    King AubaKing Auba18 dagar sedan
  • Time for van...

    IdkyIdky18 dagar sedan
  • He had me at more realistic car sounds 😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Simon DameSimon Dame19 dagar sedan
  • I was sat sweating waiting to hear the sound of engines and exhausts are Inproved and more realistic and car parts make the car sound different so reality sounds YESSSSSSSSSSS bring on those realistic pops and bangs and thrusts from changing gear 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    Simon DameSimon Dame19 dagar sedan
  • Im sticking to Gran Turismo

    DaveSKIDaveSKI21 dag sedan
  • I’d laugh if it turns out like FM5 😂😂

    Stephen Osei-KofiStephen Osei-Kofi21 dag sedan
  • Haven’t honestly enjoyed a Motorsport since like 4 but I randomLy got an itch for it so I hope they nail it 🤧

    Bryce BraunBryce Braun22 dagar sedan
  • I would love to see race regs brought to endurance races. Nothing pisses me off more then some jackass taking you out and no penalty given!!

    Ryan McguirkRyan Mcguirk26 dagar sedan
  • I hope the next one feels better than grandturismo

    :/:/:/:/27 dagar sedan
  • I really hope they push more toward the realism/simulation side. I’ve always loved Forza Motorsport titles but they feel very Arcady now after I’ve been playing the more simulator titles.

    Jon McGlynnJon McGlynn27 dagar sedan
  • Rest In Peace to the greatest female driver in history. 🤘❤

    NSANENSANE28 dagar sedan
  • In a Couple of Weeks I will be buying my first Gaming Laptop it has an RTX2070Super so I cant wait for Motorsport and Horizon

    Ömer BayarÖmer Bayar28 dagar sedan
  • they need a open world forza and im not talking another horizon . i think u know what we really want

    Tha Wh1t3 Ra88it SLTha Wh1t3 Ra88it SL28 dagar sedan
  • All of those things you listed that they're doing for the next Forza game they say before every game comes out. Marketing bs

    NZ RADCORENZ RADCORE29 dagar sedan
  • I just want NASCAR and I’ll be happy

    Jimmy SpencerJimmy SpencerMånad sedan
  • I just want them to get the car sounds right this time, that's the main thing the whole community wants since FH4 came out as a huge disappointment on the sound deparment. Also, going for quality over quantity would be much appreciated. Oh and please, don't mess up the RB26 and the 2JZ like you did in FH4, they are both iconic engines and you made them sound as shitty as it gets. Cheers.

    Eduardo MatheusEduardo MatheusMånad sedan
  • Hopefully the enginesound changes. Me sitting hat home, yeah i want to play it earlier. Me goes on the site, realising, i don't have a Xbox Series X

    Hunter HunterHunter HunterMånad sedan
    • Why?

      Happy FamilyHappy Family20 dagar sedan
  • I can already see the rammers

    FrenchyJrFrenchyJrMånad sedan
  • This tells me they really have any excuse for being so lazy with engine sounds and engine sound effected by upgrades in Forza Horizon. Horizon diserves to be the best of Motorsport with just the arcade aspect. Sure stuff like dynamic temperatures, suspension model and rubbering etc more fitting a simulation game. But it's as much a Forza game, a car game, a racing game, a tuning your car for any situation or to have fun on the roads as Motorsport. So we deserve to have proper engine sounds and dynamic customization effects too!

    ExuberantRaptorExuberantRaptorMånad sedan
  • Day 4 of asking Nick to play NFS Carbon

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • I want a Model T in Forza...

    Enderplant 2007Enderplant 2007Månad sedan
  • I just want horizon 5

    Cvestrand22Cvestrand22Månad sedan
  • What about fh5?

    NecroAno AnomalyGamingNecroAno AnomalyGamingMånad sedan
  • Really wanna see this compete with GT Sport in terms of online play. I wanna see safety ratings, licenses, room keys, make it easy for people to make competitive lobbies

    Jacob DellJacob DellMånad sedan
  • Can you play it on Xbox one s

    Kris KordenatKris KordenatMånad sedan
  • I hope the new forza motorsport is more realistic closer to acc Listening to these features EG track rubbering looks promising

    A27M Cromwell 1A27M Cromwell 1Månad sedan
  • I hope the Chiron Pur Sport or Bolide are gonna be added.

    Avocado GoopAvocado GoopMånad sedan
  • I really hope it’s not available for the Xbox One, nobody wants to play a next gen game that’s chained down by an 8 year old console

    ValiantxSquire _ValiantxSquire _Månad sedan
  • This is like FM7/8 so I hope FM is good.

    TK & PK SombatsawatTK & PK SombatsawatMånad sedan
  • I don’t have a series x

    I play GamesI play GamesMånad sedan
    • Why?

      Happy FamilyHappy Family20 dagar sedan
  • hey , when do u think that the horizon 5 will be available

    grégoire BORLEgrégoire BORLEMånad sedan
  • cant see it comin out this yr, be more like 2022 or 2023

    Tony ForsterTony ForsterMånad sedan
  • Where can I find the link

    Jason CourtJason CourtMånad sedan
  • I bet that the physics are weirder than FM7 physics

    Taqiyshi FashfoshTaqiyshi FashfoshMånad sedan
  • They want to rework on trees and pitstops

    Ryan NobilRyan NobilMånad sedan
  • Hopefully that they have realistic smoke so when I pull a fat skid it will look so good

    Zac Murray 16Zac Murray 16Månad sedan
  • What about xbox one x?

    Kushal VeerapaneniKushal VeerapaneniMånad sedan
    • If I would be at their place I wouldn't release it for Xbox one due to hardware limitations of xbox one

      PchelekPchelekMånad sedan
  • Ready for the next ones 😋

    David MadisonDavid MadisonMånad sedan
  • Lol I have the series x

    ThanosThanosMånad sedan
    • Why?

      Happy FamilyHappy Family20 dagar sedan
  • The tests will probably be in late April or may so they can make the big reveal at E3 in June this year that the game will be out this holiday season.

    PA551ONPA551ONMånad sedan
  • Finally better car sounds

    CT3KT0034CT3KT0034Månad sedan
  • I wanna play early, but the Xbox Series X is sold out in EVERY FRIGGIN PLACE THAT SELLS THEM IN MY AREA

    Jonathan MendiolaJonathan MendiolaMånad sedan
  • RIP Sabine Schmitz

    Edward JohnstonEdward JohnstonMånad sedan
  • FH5 when

    Martin SMartin SMånad sedan
  • Did anyone count how many times he said " the next Forza Motorsport game"

    Koncrete_kahunaKoncrete_kahunaMånad sedan
  • i signed up

    HHMånad sedan
  • What specs should our pc have to run the game?

    عبدالعزيز العازمي #عبدالعزيز العازمي #Månad sedan
  • I cant waittttt

    عبدالعزيز العازمي #عبدالعزيز العازمي #Månad sedan
  • It's true that the Forza Motorsport 8 will be an open world game?

    Sorin AlinSorin AlinMånad sedan
  • Series X gang

    evobusaevobusaMånad sedan
  • Literally all I need is the historic tracks

    TinyBearTimTinyBearTimMånad sedan
  • If there's no Fujimi Kaido.. I DONT WANT IT!!!!!!

    Need No NameNeed No NameMånad sedan
  • I just wanna see if they added more racecars and group c cars. I feel like they leave out way to many group c and Le Mans cars

    Ya boi Benson 01Ya boi Benson 01Månad sedan
  • all talk. we will see what they actually release

    - NjjX- NjjXMånad sedan
  • I hope they have rally as well cos that would be a really cool addition to motorsport

    Maza 1400Maza 1400Månad sedan
    • They talked about suspension modeling that'd affect your car off road so yeah that's a hint that we'd would see some Rally tracks or Stadium truck racing circuits.

      Nsikak OkonNsikak OkonMånad sedan
  • Finally worked on the sound

    Karl CalvertKarl CalvertMånad sedan
  • Yeah, how about we talk about the fact that this will be the third year that we go without a new horizon

    TitanPrimeTitanPrimeMånad sedan
  • I feel it might come out holiday this year or early 2022

    Chris PloosChris PloosMånad sedan
  • 8:23

    Umar FarooqueUmar FarooqueMånad sedan
  • Rip sabine shmitz

    jacob leejacob leeMånad sedan
  • Goodbye xBox ONE players of FM

    lucathecoollucathecoolMånad sedan
    • Oh no, why?

      Happy FamilyHappy Family20 dagar sedan
  • 0:01 it’s forza not fortza

    Killer DonKiller DonMånad sedan
  • Ive got a driving challenge its called The smoothest driver challenge The rules: If you crash or one of your wheels goes off of the road or trail you get a point Car class can be whatever you want Races can Be whatever you want The person with the least points at the end wins because he was the best driver

    UPSUPSMånad sedan
  • Wow

    David 99 yt fanpage 3David 99 yt fanpage 3Månad sedan
  • Is the test free?

    chez gamerchez gamerMånad sedan
  • That sounds sick

    Drob867Drob867Månad sedan
  • I just want the Car Football

    Bunkerimac XDBunkerimac XDMånad sedan
  • Nice video! 😀

    get fasterget fasterMånad sedan
  • Is your dad’s name nick? Do they call you NICK JUNIOR?

    Osvaldo ride or diecast TrujilloOsvaldo ride or diecast TrujilloMånad sedan
  • I'm more for foza horizon but I'm excited that these features probably will be available in fh5 too

    TheLonelyMoonTheLonelyMoonMånad sedan
    • nobody cares

      Nsikak OkonNsikak OkonMånad sedan
  • Why does he say “fort-za”. Sound it out Nick, “forrrr-za” cmon man

    ElijahElijahMånad sedan
    • People say it different ways, apparently as its Italian its pronounced fortza. Some people say it is, some say no. We just have to tolerate it

      Swiftful PlayzSwiftful PlayzMånad sedan
  • Im excited but scared at the same time. Other developers have found ways to ruin their games when they dont keep their roots. So when I hear “Building from the ground up or from scratch” I get worried...

    SilentSkyHQSilentSkyHQMånad sedan
  • This better be on xbox one and series x and s. I want to play it early too

    AnthonyrobloxAnthonyrobloxMånad sedan
  • I see the van and the nurburing, homage to sabeen schmitz?

    ACMerU06ACMerU06Månad sedan
  • The Forza physics have been questionable to me. I could never find a neutral car, even in the Motorsport 7 intro race with the GT2, that thing understeered so bad which threw me for a loop because it’s a Porsche...there should be no under steer. I hope all the physics upgrades translate to a “real world” feel. I also hope the tuning becomes more intricate.

    confusedconfusedMånad sedan
  • Imagine I got pinned...

    cars7881 cars7881cars7881 cars7881Månad sedan
  • It might have been just by chance but the gameplay in the background taking a Transit to Nordschleife feels like an hommage to Sabine Schmitz just like Jimmy did. Again, maybe it was not because of that, but nice detail nevertheless.

    NickyNickyMånad sedan
  • I hate you for putting that shi*ty diesel in the background

    Dalibor SedlákDalibor SedlákMånad sedan
  • Choppy cams now 😳😳😳😳😳

    SafuezSafuezMånad sedan
  • Nick there is a forza horizon 5 map leak and it looks like it japan. Go and search it

    robert alexandrurobert alexandruMånad sedan
  • Hey guys, why does he yell at us in every video?

    ArthmostArthmostMånad sedan
    • @AR12Gaming lol

      ArthmostArthmost20 dagar sedan
    • Loud person here

      AR12GamingAR12GamingMånad sedan
  • Hey Nick! You should check out the game "Racing Master" it is like forza but on mobile.

    Jed David LegaspiJed David LegaspiMånad sedan
  • I want this game so bad

    Fandom_JunkieFandom_JunkieMånad sedan
  • Can u try out the new forza Motorsports on pc?

    ritari Janskuritari JanskuMånad sedan
  • Ok thank you for sharing the information

    Blaster AnonymousBlaster AnonymousMånad sedan
  • Gran Turismo who?

    Dog BackwardsDog BackwardsMånad sedan
  • Everyone talks so much about that forza panel, but the point is that we get probably 3 surveries a year... i don't know how this can be useful for them and for us

    Tommyvercetty GTTommyvercetty GTMånad sedan
  • I want horizon 5 before motorsport!!!!!!!

    Tibi fiúTibi fiúMånad sedan
    • Why?

      Happy FamilyHappy Family20 dagar sedan
  • It is a bit boring in the short term but I'm super happy that the devs are taking as much time as they need to. The bi yearly release has been a huge hurdle to making any progress in the forza games

    Existential SelkathExistential SelkathMånad sedan
  • 1:34 Xbox needs to go back to school busy saying this is an Xbox exclusive but it ain't; they release it on pc and so many playstation fans have windows pc so now they get to play these "Xbox exclusive titles" which honestly makes me mad

    SIBUSISO-117SIBUSISO-117Månad sedan
  • Next PLZ do a revisiting rocket league

    Gytis GytauskasGytis GytauskasMånad sedan
  • I just want Horizon 5 to come out

    Brendan WalshBrendan WalshMånad sedan