GTA FiveM Roleplay : The Ultimate Offroaders!! (GTA FiveM RP)

25 apr 2021
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GTA FiveM RP is here! Today we're trying out some GTA FiveM Roleplay as we build GTA Online's Best Offroad Cars but the GTA Online Police doesn't like them... Subcribe for more GTA FiveM Gameplay, Roleplay, Cops and Robbers and more!
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  • Ive been wanting to do this for SO LONG! I hope you guys enjoy! We'll do plenty more of this soon :)

    AR12GamingAR12Gaming17 dagar sedan
    • Give me more

      Tanner HedrickTanner Hedrick13 dagar sedan
    • Thank you 🙏 I loved this episode please do more

      Dayton BarrettDayton Barrett15 dagar sedan
    • @Tariq Abdulkader yes😃👍

      Callum BurtonCallum Burton16 dagar sedan
    • More FiveM!!!!!!!

      Tariq AbdulkaderTariq Abdulkader16 dagar sedan
    • Ay it’s geet

      Gerry The Car guyGerry The Car guy16 dagar sedan
  • Nick be like: was six wheels enough or do we need more for dumbness

    HP personHP person23 minuter sedan
    • Car be like: he** no

      HP personHP person23 minuter sedan
  • Lmao i love impulse 99 for drifting

    JumboJumbo2 dagar sedan
  • I wish you could do this stuff on xbox 1

    plane gamesplane games3 dagar sedan
  • 69 dislikes lets goo

    zikesyy !!zikesyy !!4 dagar sedan
  • what did u spawn to get this?

    Mason KMason K4 dagar sedan
  • What mod menu are you using and how do u get it

    toby hodgessmalltoby hodgessmall5 dagar sedan
  • play redline rp

    Joel LewisJoel Lewis5 dagar sedan
  • what is the server or is it privite

    SheLuvz_DFSheLuvz_DF7 dagar sedan
  • This is modded right

    Elvenknightt 341Elvenknightt 3417 dagar sedan
    • I want that car in gta online

      Elvenknightt 341Elvenknightt 3417 dagar sedan
  • I need more of this in my life with these people

    Switching ElementsSwitching Elements9 dagar sedan
  • Well it’s a free roam server so not really roleplay

    herkus stabingisherkus stabingis10 dagar sedan
  • Pls do more with these guys 🤣😂

    Mustang Mach07Mustang Mach0711 dagar sedan
  • Do your normal forza games and normal gta v games in rp to see what happens with the stupid vehicles

    Tristan CannonTristan Cannon13 dagar sedan
  • You should keep doing gta vids I really enjoy them

    Christian ArredondoChristian Arredondo13 dagar sedan
  • "instead of fisting the exausht pipe, i can give it some head." Nick caught in 4k🤨📸

    David's WRLDDavid's WRLD13 dagar sedan
  • omg he plays on the same server as me

    JaegerJaeger14 dagar sedan
  • cops and robbers will be cool

    Sushma PatilSushma Patil15 dagar sedan
  • If you do more I would subscribe!

    Amar GamerAmar Gamer15 dagar sedan
  • You should totally do a collab wit Bay Area Buggs!!!

    James HaripalJames Haripal15 dagar sedan
  • I cant wait to see more of this!!

    Arnold McquearyArnold Mcqueary15 dagar sedan

    nulldotorgnulldotorg15 dagar sedan
  • Getterdonee plays gta

    TaxtheorphanTaxtheorphan15 dagar sedan
  • you should Collab with bay area bugs

    Alexander ParelloAlexander Parello15 dagar sedan
    • No

      Big NBig N15 dagar sedan
  • There is nO way he sees this

    Ashton FraleyAshton Fraley15 dagar sedan
  • 288th

    Gamer KinnGamer Kinn15 dagar sedan
  • What happened to Raymond

    QuinnyQuinny15 dagar sedan
    • College and stuff unfortunately

      That green GuyThat green Guy15 dagar sedan
  • Who had to rewind and pause to see the message at6:40

    Colton RoszmannColton Roszmann16 dagar sedan

    Bailey HydeBailey Hyde16 dagar sedan
  • u need to rp ur crashes u cant crash and then keep going

    Bailey HydeBailey Hyde16 dagar sedan
  • what server

    Bailey HydeBailey Hyde16 dagar sedan
  • heinz beans on the table at the start hahaha

    AgentCapeAgentCape16 dagar sedan
  • Its good but u need to watch @bayareabuggs and see how they do it its much more realistic and fun

    Yousif BazaraYousif Bazara16 dagar sedan
  • Try to get into DOJ rp

    Jerome JeffyJerome Jeffy16 dagar sedan
    • @Big Ncould be, but its way more realistic

      Jerome JeffyJerome Jeffy15 dagar sedan
    • Its scripted rp am pretty shure

      Big NBig N15 dagar sedan
  • Day 24 waiting to get unbanned on discord

    Coziest16Coziest1616 dagar sedan
  • More FiveM please!!!!

    Tariq AbdulkaderTariq Abdulkader16 dagar sedan
  • How do you get those mods?

    çrägë w këŷsçrägë w këŷs16 dagar sedan
    • Bruh look at the title

      Big NBig N15 dagar sedan

    DemuWasTakenDemuWasTaken16 dagar sedan
  • do more :)

    Skyler BSkyler B16 dagar sedan
  • Is nicks mods well a mod

    Fire MinotaurFire Minotaur16 dagar sedan
  • love it

    joranjoran16 dagar sedan
  • what server is this

    Mobile GenicsMobile Genics16 dagar sedan
  • Pilot should be banned for fail rp

    carscars16 dagar sedan

    Parvind SinghParvind Singh16 dagar sedan
  • Cool gta vid do supercars next time tga would be cool

    Claudine MunyinyiClaudine Munyinyi16 dagar sedan
  • If only horsepower was a thing in gta 🤦‍♂️

    SeenixEzSeenixEz16 dagar sedan
  • Omg yes I have been waiting for this Thanks for playing it

    Marshal VukMarshal Vuk17 dagar sedan
  • yo the quadrings guy looks exactly like nick wtf 😂😂💀

    A PA P17 dagar sedan
  • A+ for the product placement in the intro!

    Alex loves HistoryAlex loves History17 dagar sedan
  • where is Raymond?

    PanoloPanolo17 dagar sedan
  • Can you do more GTA 5 RP

    Krishna DabooKrishna Daboo17 dagar sedan
  • Worst cops ever...

    CugixCugix17 dagar sedan
  • What server are you RPing on? Because that server seems to fail RP a lot, a helicopter went in a tunnel in a pursuit....That's not legit.

    Aiden PlaysYTAiden PlaysYT17 dagar sedan
    • @Aiden PlaysYT They didn't want it to be realistic,they were just playing for fun.

      ? s? s6 dagar sedan
    • @Big N Oh I looked at the title and it doesn't say anything about it not being not realism. It says **GTA FiveM ROLEPLAY** That proves that it is a realism video. It also said (GTA FiveM RP) - That also proves my point that they intended this video to be a realistic RP video yet they had a cop helicopter go in a tunnel.... That's so FailRP and not realistic. Research before replying.

      Aiden PlaysYTAiden PlaysYT15 dagar sedan
    • Bro stfu look at the title this sever ain't for realism

      Big NBig N15 dagar sedan
    • @Fireprofcargo7 I understand. Was just stating a fact that a helicopter under a tunnel wouldn't be legit.

      Aiden PlaysYTAiden PlaysYT17 dagar sedan
    • @Aiden PlaysYT out of all the cops in that vid one of us RP's

      Fireprofcargo7Fireprofcargo717 dagar sedan
  • Need more of this

    Nick RoachNick Roach17 dagar sedan
  • That was awesome man 👍👍👍

    HeatedSword7HeatedSword717 dagar sedan
  • What’s with the one guys police car why are they stock?

    Awsome aydanAwsome aydan17 dagar sedan
  • join elanips server

    henry oliverhenry oliver17 dagar sedan
    • No

      Big NBig N15 dagar sedan
  • these GTA videos are so sick

    TobobabongTobobabong17 dagar sedan
  • f

    Cameron BakerCameron Baker17 dagar sedan
  • impulse99 is not a rp its a freeroam

    FureFure17 dagar sedan
  • Lol I was just watching the video the billionaires garage where you were using the 6x6 and the urus lol then went to your channel to see this is your newest video with the 6c6 on it. Anyways was just wondering if you guys use discord? I love forza 4 more then any game. I have many hour into it. I believe I'm level like 456. With a quarter billion worth of cars jn my garage and I think I've made just as much off wins. Anyways it's starting to become stale to me and I'm sure it's because I've never played with any other people really. I've done tons of races in free roam down the highway and such but not where I was in a discord or anything. I love how you guys come up with all these cool scenarios and games. I'd love to get in on some of this tk help freshen the game up for me. I play on Xbox one. Lmk please.

    Dkgnate Heretic GodsDkgnate Heretic Gods17 dagar sedan
  • why are you not doing anymore f1 vidioes

    Billy GouldBilly Gould17 dagar sedan
  • If I was the cop Hey I think I have seen you on youtube, yeah you are that guy who likes to play car games and crash every 2 seconds. Who the fuck in LA gave yoou a driver's license. You are arrested for violent gameplay. lmao

    LOLOLLOLOL17 dagar sedan
  • 16:32 🤣😭😭😭😭

    Trent MajewskiTrent Majewski17 dagar sedan

    areumadbroareumadbro17 dagar sedan
  • Play on redlinerp

    Minter PlayzMinter Playz17 dagar sedan
  • @12:16 ultimate crash!! @16:33 best timing to get ran over, ever!! 😂

    Noel DejesusNoel Dejesus17 dagar sedan
  • You should play gta fivem with a SEworldr called goosiest

    shi yuen fungshi yuen fung17 dagar sedan
  • Guys I found mike wazowskis car

    Rustyshackleferd343Rustyshackleferd34317 dagar sedan
  • geet kinda sounds like tednivison

    Justin AndrewsJustin Andrews17 dagar sedan
  • Nick suits 5m so perfectly 🤣

    T AW3SOMET AW3SOME17 dagar sedan
  • did you not notice that that was fire in the lambo

    bananaboibananaboi17 dagar sedan
  • He cant penetrate neither can he roll on to his wheels

    Hot WheelHot Wheel17 dagar sedan
  • Just do this again please. Lol

    Rylan KoldeRylan Kolde17 dagar sedan
  • Nick try stolen super car or try to drift in Five M

    Jadon DamonJadon Damon17 dagar sedan
  • How do I chat with y'all on discord I have no idea how to work discord

    Tim MunsonTim Munson17 dagar sedan

    R1R117 dagar sedan
  • I love it my boy nick AR12 keep up the work and I love the video 💯funny 💯😄😆🤣

    Dominic KirkwoodDominic Kirkwood17 dagar sedan
  • Cough build 75 hrs of RP and join redlineRP

    Vancinho PlaysVancinho Plays17 dagar sedan
  • "Forget about fisting an exhaust, I could head an exhaust!" - Nick 2021

    Christian ConeyChristian Coney17 dagar sedan
  • ive tested 2 servers in fivem and the 99impulse or something like that i dont lke it hthe cars spawning time is long and soetimes it dont spawn so im n the server MSR SMR idk

    Gasking07Gasking0717 dagar sedan
  • can u do more f1 2020 vids

    Harry.biddeloo BiddelooHarry.biddeloo Biddeloo17 dagar sedan
  • Nick play in RedlineRp too

    MeMe17 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone else miss raymond when they watched this video?

    Noah LindquistNoah Lindquist17 dagar sedan
  • Yo what’s up man. I remember I used to love your channel. A few years ago I went to one of your meetups in NYC and you signed my Forza horizon 3 disk case, and I still have it😂. Glad I found your channel again man

    LouieLouie17 dagar sedan
  • Nike I texted u on Xbox

    Octavio McfeeOctavio Mcfee17 dagar sedan
    • Nick*

      Big NBig N15 dagar sedan
  • Why do I want to build a 6x6 version of the vehicle nicks using

    91_Civicsi91_Civicsi17 dagar sedan
  • that window tint law doesn't apply to any windows other than the front two. the rest you are allowed to go as dark as you want. no state has a rule about back windowns and tint.

    StackaliStackali17 dagar sedan
    • Some states do actually have laws on the books for this. I went off New York law as a spur of the moment type thing since I hadnt seen Nick's car beforehand. Here you can't tint any windows on certain vehicles at all, and others like the wagon Nick was driving still have a tint darkness limit that he had exceeded

      QuadRingsQuadRings17 dagar sedan
  • wait wait wait wait- *_is that a you spoon sticker on a heinz baked beans can in the intro_*

    The StratisphereThe Stratisphere17 dagar sedan
  • Can you bring back the old ar12 crew like from fh2, not just Raymond

    F1 FanboyF1 Fanboy17 dagar sedan
  • U spoon

  • Nick; starts doing FiveM Jack; starts doing FiveM Me; *depression because I don't have GTA on PC and can't get FiveM*

  • Do more

    Tanner fox1999Tanner fox199917 dagar sedan
  • Maybe try doing a crew 2 challenge where all the cars you use have a duck livery (if you can do that ofc)

    Ferrari 488Ferrari 48817 dagar sedan
  • That cop was fireprofcargo

    Ashton LocklierAshton Locklier17 dagar sedan
    • @Ashton Locklier yes

      Fireprofcargo7Fireprofcargo717 dagar sedan
    • @Fireprofcargo7 you were in the lambo

      Ashton LocklierAshton Locklier17 dagar sedan
    • Which one

      Fireprofcargo7Fireprofcargo717 dagar sedan
  • Day 100 of asking nick to play trailmakers

    Crazycat 98Crazycat 9817 dagar sedan
  • Can you stop saying welcome back fr

    Cl0uDz XoXoCl0uDz XoXo17 dagar sedan
    • No

      Big NBig N15 dagar sedan
  • Day 99 of asking Nick to revisit asphalt 8

    Purab KothariPurab Kothari17 dagar sedan
  • I think the next roleplay should be Top Gear

    Fordfan351Fordfan35117 dagar sedan
  • This vid ain't monetized ;(((

    Vibba MusicVibba Music17 dagar sedan