The 420 Horsepower CHEESE Car in Automation & BeamNG

12 apr 2021
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Automation's Cheese Car is here! After an Automation Engine with 420 Horsepower could this be the Ultimate Automation / BeamNG Car? Subscribe for more Automation Gameplay, Builds, Horsepower and more!
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Title: Dimensions by Hellberg
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    AR12GamingAR12GamingMånad sedan
    • can we please get a widebody jdm style car

      Muhammad DiagneMuhammad Diagne11 dagar sedan
    • Nice Cheese can you put holes into it and make a cheese grater?

      The Yugoscandinavian RepublicThe Yugoscandinavian Republic26 dagar sedan
    • Soup car

      XY8-paal BoiXY8-paal Boi29 dagar sedan

      bmoneybmoneyMånad sedan
    • Carrots, orange, apples!

      Blaster AnonymousBlaster AnonymousMånad sedan
  • me: mum can we have some cheese? Mun: no we have cheese at home. the cheese at home:

    TrashAtOps GamingTrashAtOps Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • You should take this to Le Mans

    Your_TypicalCivicYour_TypicalCivic7 dagar sedan
  • I watched this video while eating cheese it’s

    David BlunkDavid Blunk10 dagar sedan
  • As the great James May once said: *SLAM* Cheese

    Squid GemSquid Gem15 dagar sedan

    VictorVictor16 dagar sedan
  • Looks like the old Vanguard electric car

    Lawson GrayLawson Gray16 dagar sedan
  • I have never Heard cheese this many times in my entire life

  • aerodienamiks

    Neon Wolf 101Neon Wolf 10117 dagar sedan
  • This looks like my 1976 Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar that I drive in real life. Although mine only has a 10 HP electric motor and a top speed of 35mph.

    Lewis MotenLewis Moten17 dagar sedan
  • One word: ART

    Chinmay ShyamsundarChinmay Shyamsundar18 dagar sedan
  • Eyo that kinda look,s like luigi from cars,if he whent to japan and asked to be riçed up

    Jose Araujo motaJose Araujo mota21 dag sedan
  • I'm loving this roster of Automation cars. Just so many quality characters.

    BroBusterBroBuster22 dagar sedan
  • 420 hrsprs

    Isaac JarosIsaac Jaros23 dagar sedan
  • 1:13 blue cheese

    ronaldo20mill caronaldo20mill ca24 dagar sedan
  • 1:50 it sounds lika a Volvo t5 ish

    Anton BrandtAnton Brandt24 dagar sedan
  • "Dont turn me into a spaghetti!"

    TheLegendsTheLegends25 dagar sedan
  • Nick: it wants to sound like a lamborghini 6.2 liter v10: *ah yes the half v10* But some times 5 cylinder engines sound like a v10 tho

    MemerMan9000MemerMan900025 dagar sedan
  • Wallace and gromit would be proud

    Olek ZaskurskiOlek Zaskurski25 dagar sedan
  • Should have made it Rotary....

    Mackan 11Mackan 1125 dagar sedan
  • Revisit Forza horizon 1

    saad mansoorsaad mansoor25 dagar sedan
  • Getting some Ali G vibes

    david nisbetdavid nisbet26 dagar sedan
  • Sounds like a Diesel engine if you ask me

    Lee TaylorLee Taylor26 dagar sedan
  • I like cheese 🧀 😋 🤪 🙂

    peaceful pumpkinpeaceful pumpkin27 dagar sedan
  • Offset? How many leg days has that car missed?

    LC DLC D27 dagar sedan
  • 4:16 it just looks shocked

    shrek smithshrek smith27 dagar sedan
  • 2:57 broadbent noises

    shrek smithshrek smith27 dagar sedan
  • 5:58 "make it a little realistic looking" Nick... there are'nt block's of xheese rolling in the world so its totally NOT realistic😅

    2018_jaguar_f.type_svr2018_jaguar_f.type_svr28 dagar sedan

    BlackshinyBlackshiny28 dagar sedan
  • **slaps Car** *CHEESE*

    The Unknown GamerThe Unknown Gamer28 dagar sedan
  • Someone kill now! Ahhhhh WTH

    Roblox vehicle simulator stunt PorscheRoblox vehicle simulator stunt Porsche28 dagar sedan
  • Yes C H E E S E

    Zac HallZac Hall28 dagar sedan
  • A cheese totally needs a diffuser and a wing

    SxmxkSxmxk28 dagar sedan
  • i think we can agree you're clinically insane... right? i mean, you said you get the bigger... thing... at cheese. has quarantine hit you hard or what.

    AWaterBottle589AWaterBottle58928 dagar sedan
  • 5 cylinders are the best watch the group b audi rally and youll be converted

    FurqaanU21FurqaanU2128 dagar sedan
  • The cheese car should be the official vehicle of Wisconsin. The Colby Cheese car

    Heavytrucks22Heavytrucks2228 dagar sedan
  • Alternate title: how aerodynamic can you make a cheese wedge Also I'd drive it

    Gavin BorgesGavin Borges28 dagar sedan
  • Pizza pls it would bo so funny or steak

    Anthony PachecoAnthony Pacheco28 dagar sedan
  • Y ISN'T THIS HORRIBLE??????!!!!

    Nicholas MincinNicholas Mincin28 dagar sedan
  • Can you deliver my sticker to the moon

    Dani1bgDani1bg29 dagar sedan
  • Wait, did u just build a Peel Divo Senna? Kappa

    MrPoulsenDKMrPoulsenDK29 dagar sedan
  • Cheese

    Maxwell BrownMaxwell Brown29 dagar sedan
  • Make the PERFECT family car/mini van

    MrPoulsenDKMrPoulsenDK29 dagar sedan
  • Make a Tesla please not no mouth clean Tesla please lover of God

    WashidaテスラWashidaテスラ29 dagar sedan
  • Why you always putting them out on a car Stop it

    WashidaテスラWashidaテスラ29 dagar sedan
  • time attack cheese

    sidsterx5sidsterx529 dagar sedan
  • Do city car driving and make sure to have a steering wheel

    Lel RiarLel Riar29 dagar sedan
  • Why does your cheese mobile look like dangemouses car?

    Caiden StorryCaiden Storry29 dagar sedan
  • Cheese + Duck = Chuck

    RoosterRooster29 dagar sedan
  • Every time Nick stopped talking i laugh so hard😂 your cheesy good at making cars😂

    phtmwren152 Rushphtmwren152 Rush29 dagar sedan
  • I was crying with laughter the whole day because of this and my fam thought I was going crazy lol

    Noam MeshiNoam Meshi29 dagar sedan
  • I got in trouble laughing too hard at this in school. WORTH IT

    Luke JohnsonLuke Johnson29 dagar sedan
  • Don't roast the BMW M4 2021 it is a beutiful car

    FeelixFeelix29 dagar sedan
  • 5:45 nick: this is a block of cheese that means business 3:52 Also nick: puts a happy face on his car

    FishtailHail990FishtailHail99029 dagar sedan
  • This is what happens when the weird smart car looking thing from cyberpunk eats all the cheese in the McDonald's dumpster.

    Frostyowl43Frostyowl4329 dagar sedan
  • Take a shot everytime Nick says "Cheese"

    CloneKillerCloneKiller29 dagar sedan
  • 1:08

    CloneKillerCloneKiller29 dagar sedan
  • Hi I am here

    XdEli 2009XdEli 200929 dagar sedan
  • every time i see a automation video from ar12 i always go what are you gonna do to poor cars now

    shahriar hatamishahriar hatami29 dagar sedan
  • Toyota Yaris CR

    L VliegenthartL Vliegenthart29 dagar sedan
  • Is that supposed to be a makagai maimai from Cyberpunk 2077?

    Anarv MathurAnarv Mathur29 dagar sedan
  • skirt brom weern bang booom skirt

    Axel VialeAxel Viale29 dagar sedan
  • nick can you play project cars in youre revisit series

    Lorenzo Nava IbarraLorenzo Nava Ibarra29 dagar sedan
  • tbh every single car i make in automation goes like 300mph lol

    heloheloMånad sedan
  • 9:50 how to slice a cheese in half with two quick steps:

    OllyBoyOllyBoyMånad sedan
  • “Gouda” all my Dutchies hated that pronouncuation

    N. de B.N. de B.Månad sedan
  • Day 14 waiting to get unbanned on discord

    Coziest16Coziest16Månad sedan
  • chez

    Sri charanSri charanMånad sedan
  • It actually looks cool 😎 .The cheese car

    mihailo nesicmihailo nesicMånad sedan
  • Every time i skip ten seconds I just hear nick screaming cheese

    FastForwardMaxFastForwardMaxMånad sedan
  • volvo much

    Mr Ballen's Like ButtonMr Ballen's Like ButtonMånad sedan
  • twinturbros did this a while ago

    Gannon TravisGannon TravisMånad sedan
  • Whit mid engine you could fit an v16 in it

  • ar 12 racing championships in forza horizon 4

    Dillan HaleyDillan HaleyMånad sedan
  • Is the Ford Bronco is livid😇

    Amy PickhamAmy PickhamMånad sedan
  • bro can oyu keep doing thus vid mod i like it

    Ramilyn RubiRamilyn RubiMånad sedan
  • Change the tire compound

    BBG TwinBBG TwinMånad sedan
  • i just built a block of cheese that goes 200 mph - Nick - 2021

    King TozzKing TozzMånad sedan
  • what have the world become lol

    BeelontBeelontMånad sedan
  • I’m ngl. At first I hated it. But I’m really starting to like the new M4/M3

    A_Rice_BowlA_Rice_BowlMånad sedan
  • It looks like a mouse and a piece of cheese had a baby

    Alexander SillanAlexander SillanMånad sedan
  • That is a real car someone made

    Natedogg373Natedogg373Månad sedan
  • Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

    Henpen Gamez 2021Henpen Gamez 2021Månad sedan
  • Nice

    NoelleNoelleMånad sedan
  • can you play f1 2012

    Žiga LužarŽiga LužarMånad sedan
  • When I saw the title this song just started to play in my he oh no oh no oh no no no no no then this what is that spoon up to now

    Douglas WhiteDouglas WhiteMånad sedan
  • LMP1

    wannes vanhulstwannes vanhulstMånad sedan
  • Soooo funny. Myself and my 12yr old son are howling with laughter.

    J JJ JMånad sedan
  • This car is "Surprised Pikachu Face" materialized

    MrWaffelLPMrWaffelLPMånad sedan
  • it looks like a weird reliant robin

    Mr-WabbitMr-WabbitMånad sedan
  • that's the loudest piece of cheese Ive ever seen

    Mr-WabbitMr-WabbitMånad sedan
  • Cheese vs C H E E S E Thx Topgear Jk I look like Sid the Sloth. Seriously it’s my high school nickname

    Mr CelsiusMr CelsiusMånad sedan
  • Ngl that cheese looked like it had rally potential.

    Max ConstableMax ConstableMånad sedan
  • C H E E S E

    Hellcat ThailandHellcat ThailandMånad sedan
  • I have ascended

    Lord CheeseLord CheeseMånad sedan
  • 420 cheesepower

    Le car EnthusiastLe car EnthusiastMånad sedan
  • i was about to eat some cheese and just watch youtube, when i saw this in my recommended... uh.. yeah.. this, this isn't a coincidence, it's a match, a perfect match, it's even sharp cheddar, and boi does his cheezy boi look sharp

    DrFeast 3000DrFeast 3000Månad sedan
  • I see the new safety car has arrived

    Hiddemans123Hiddemans123Månad sedan

    Lukas gameingLukas gameingMånad sedan
  • 4:25 it looks like a WINNINGSMILE

    R1R1Månad sedan