Snowrunner : The Toyota TRD PRO is OP!! (Snowrunner Wisconsin)

10 apr 2021
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Snowrunner's Toyota TRD Pro is here! We're trying out another Snowrunner OP Truck, this time the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro with some crazy Snowrunner Customization! Subscribe for more Snowrunner Lets Play, Gameplay, Trucks, Offroading and more!
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  • This truck is so UNFAIR xD

    AR12GamingAR12GamingMånad sedan
    • This truck should be in Forza

      G: Owen SkaggsG: Owen SkaggsMånad sedan
    • Can you please revisit need for speed most wanted 2012

      Pro HitsPro HitsMånad sedan
    • The little truck that could

      the kerminatorthe kerminatorMånad sedan
    • Agreed

      Callum BurtonCallum BurtonMånad sedan
  • it's a tank in real life tooooo

  • THAT DAMN TOYOTA IS A exsample of NICK

    xd sniper xd sniperxd sniper xd sniper2 dagar sedan
  • My mom works at Toyota and they call the Tacoma the pussy truck

    Charles AvonCharles Avon18 dagar sedan
  • Toyota moment

    Pitviper KingPitviper King24 dagar sedan
  • hilux wouldve survived the fall no problem

  • Nick will do anything to get around doing actual game play tasks. It'd probably be easier to just build the damn bridge :/

    CloneKillerCloneKiller26 dagar sedan
  • How does the truck do that

    Nick SantoraNick Santora26 dagar sedan
  • He is like surprised that a Tacoma is good offroad lol. That's what they were made for!

    Dimitri WazDimitri Waz26 dagar sedan
  • The fact that he's crossing water with airless tires makes me cringe

    Tom NookTom Nook27 dagar sedan
  • ফালতু

    M•K GamingM•K Gaming28 dagar sedan
  • funny truck

    Noobie KNoobie K28 dagar sedan
  • Well i thought this was forza lmao but the beggining

    Pumpkin SpicePumpkin Spice29 dagar sedan
  • by the way i think nick's selling his raptor to get a 600lt because he clearly states that he wants one. just saying.....

    Daniel KingDaniel King29 dagar sedan
  • is there an airplane mod?

    LightningLightningMånad sedan
  • Dude u cut one part in 28 second so badly why

    SiddharthSiddharthMånad sedan
  • Can he play with a wheel the games 10 times more fun to play and watch

    elijah figgelijah figgMånad sedan
  • Do the 1991 Jeep grand wagoneer it’s op

    Kyle HagerKyle HagerMånad sedan
  • Nick: This is better than hacks. Developer: Did anyone tell something about hacks? Ban 'em!

    Cosmos ArjunCosmos ArjunMånad sedan
  • Day 7 of asking Nick to play NFS Carbon

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • Say TRD as one word

    Jordy VazquezJordy VazquezMånad sedan
  • This is like the review in good old Top Gear... the Toyota pickup trucks are unstoppable and unbreakable!!!!

    Eric DesjardinsEric DesjardinsMånad sedan
  • Nick uploads this video. *a few weeks later* AR12Gaming has uploaded I BOUGHT A TOYOTA TACOMA

    Kayden HillierKayden HillierMånad sedan
  • Ar12 do you think you can do a snowrunner video with the l400? It is a Ford F-350

    Coby HartzlerCoby HartzlerMånad sedan
  • Is that toyota a pc mod or an actual truck in snow runner?

    The Death SlayerThe Death SlayerMånad sedan
  • The little truck that could

    the kerminatorthe kerminatorMånad sedan
  • Can you please revisit need for speed most wanted 2012

    Pro HitsPro HitsMånad sedan
  • He should lift a four runner or maybe a supra 👍🤌🤌🤌

  • You are officially my favourite gamer to watch

    George VergisGeorge VergisMånad sedan
  • Corolla to this wowowoowowow

    Cameron BakerCameron BakerMånad sedan
  • Where is this trd what page of mods???

    Jayden MiedemaJayden MiedemaMånad sedan
  • Can you stop talking like if you wanted to teach us new words

    Caca PipiCaca PipiMånad sedan
  • Can you do watchdogs hide n seek?

    Jonathan D'CostaJonathan D'CostaMånad sedan
  • Hopefully this video convinces my dad to finally treat himself with a TRD Pro

    One Speedy Mexican BoiOne Speedy Mexican BoiMånad sedan
  • Is the tundra only for pc?

    Caleb ÆCaleb ÆMånad sedan
  • Borsch Tojouda Any guesses what's next?

    Janne LaitinenJanne LaitinenMånad sedan
  • Day 89 of asking nick to play trailmakers

    Crazycat 98Crazycat 98Månad sedan
  • Did they remove that big Ford

    Jayden MiedemaJayden MiedemaMånad sedan
  • Toyota's are made to be crushed and used to their limit

    The Average Racer777The Average Racer777Månad sedan
  • Fact: The Toyota Prius is the dumbest car ever made

    Douglas WhiteDouglas WhiteMånad sedan
  • I started the C H E E S E

    Zac HallZac HallMånad sedan
  • bro you are the best keep it up

    reaper Gam3sreaper Gam3sMånad sedan
  • FYI if you tap the clutch a bunch while accelerating you accelerate faster

    Joseph MendozaJoseph MendozaMånad sedan
  • Chevy: Chevy, the most reliable trucks on the road Toyota: hold my air tires

    Bubbles LohrrBubbles LohrrMånad sedan
    • Fiats aren’t that reliable

      Mike SharpMike SharpMånad sedan
  • Midnight Club LA

    DismegoDismegoMånad sedan
  • The little yota that could

    AidenmtbAidenmtbMånad sedan
  • Nick instantly begins looking for a Toyota Tacoma on craigslist

    Aamir JalalAamir JalalMånad sedan
  • @8:06 "that's a lot of damage" me: use Flex Seal

    Noel DejesusNoel DejesusMånad sedan
  • 8:05 Flex Seal

  • You use the winch to get up that Hill

    Lori JohnsonLori JohnsonMånad sedan
  • It's so crazy to see you in Wisconsin in the game as a resident of the state

    Nick KimmyNick KimmyMånad sedan
  • I want to see Nick suffering at the trials

    Raymond ChanRaymond ChanMånad sedan
  • I love it my boy nick AR12 keep up the work and I love the video funny 😄💯😆🤣😂

    Dominic KirkwoodDominic KirkwoodMånad sedan

    Tori boomsmaTori boomsmaMånad sedan
  • Me looking at my Tacoma in the driveway while starting Snowrunner 👁️👄👁️

    Ethan McKibbinEthan McKibbinMånad sedan
    • Relatable

      Noone NobodyNoone Nobody28 dagar sedan
  • Notice me senpai

    Alfie JonesAlfie JonesMånad sedan
  • This is a mod right? Because I don’t wanna buy the game to find a bunch of old wrinkly ass trucks

    PotatoPotatoMånad sedan
  • can someone help me get the apollo ie plz

    ProuldzProuldzMånad sedan
  • Still aint no FORD

    Jake ParkJake ParkMånad sedan
  • plzz make 4k videos

    Noah_HD 07Noah_HD 07Månad sedan
  • 10:29 if you think this then have a look at limes l400

    Edward KnightEdward KnightMånad sedan
  • There’s a hoverbike mod

    Holgzac6Holgzac6Månad sedan
  • Ayooooooo

    Abo PeshangAbo PeshangMånad sedan
  • Good video ar12😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum BurtonMånad sedan
  • Sell your Raptor and buy Tacoma cuz why not

    Vexi 573Vexi 573Månad sedan
  • Cool I drive a red Tacoma with black fender flares lol

    Ruben EstradaRuben EstradaMånad sedan
  • Does anyone know why this game isn’t on steam anymore?

    BenBenMånad sedan
  • "Let's Go" x 100 "No Way?" x 100

    Kyle DudaKyle DudaMånad sedan
  • Trd stands for: trerring round donegal

    Calvin DavyCalvin DavyMånad sedan
  • this video should be a tacoma advertisement

    MercilessMercilessMånad sedan
  • Man I hope it makes it to console when it’s debadged

    dogz115dogz115Månad sedan
  • The Cummins is a lot better than the Toyota

    Isaiah SpencerIsaiah SpencerMånad sedan
  • I want this in Forza!

    Eric OrtegaEric OrtegaMånad sedan
  • Phil swift here for flextape where I destroy a bucket.....that’s a lotta damage

    Dobre MihaiDobre MihaiMånad sedan
  • Toyota really sus they to reliable

    Cod kid playsCod kid playsMånad sedan
  • Right now all they need is an Arab Toyota pickup with a 50cal in the bed

    Samuel MacLeodSamuel MacLeodMånad sedan
  • Wat r ur thoughts on Phase 4?

    Matthew HandMatthew HandMånad sedan
  • E

    Contentman8888Contentman8888Månad sedan
  • E

    Contentman8888Contentman8888Månad sedan
  • I'm not gonna lie, I read TRD as 'turd'. I'm not even ashamed.

    P1TAP1TAMånad sedan
    • Bro same

      Bubbles LohrrBubbles LohrrMånad sedan
  • I really love the SnowRunner let’s play

    Andrew MitchellAndrew MitchellMånad sedan
  • those airless tires are fucking hideous, cool, but hideous

    elijah koehrerelijah koehrerMånad sedan
  • I was kinda hoping for 2jz

    skilled at thingsskilled at thingsMånad sedan
  • day 1 of asking nick to revist crew1

    masen elevenmasen elevenMånad sedan
  • It’s bin a long time

    LollyzzLollyzzMånad sedan
  • Day 12 of asking dor a figure 8 race

    Wolfwood TrigunWolfwood TrigunMånad sedan
  • Where in Wisconsin is this even? I can't see any significant mountains on any map of that state

    General GuilmonGeneral GuilmonMånad sedan

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • This gives me flashbacks of Toyota Hilux from Top Gear, unkillable

    Maxim BělovskýMaxim BělovskýMånad sedan
    • who r u skari man *ofkvkgotamajazaskamynigaa's o o f*

  • Apparently the tacoma is part Nissan GTR 9:56

    SnowrunnergodSnowrunnergodMånad sedan
  • When is the next be a better driver coming out?

    Gillian BowdenGillian BowdenMånad sedan
  • If I were to get a dollar for every time you said "a thank yu" I would be a billionair by now

    Filippus KöllerforsFilippus KöllerforsMånad sedan
    • Nick is indeed a soundboard

      Terrible GamerTerrible GamerMånad sedan
  • I like the truck

    Mad DMad DMånad sedan
  • Its the Toyota turd😂😂😂

    William CollinsWilliam CollinsMånad sedan
  • That cut at 0:28 tho

    Vasco NevesVasco NevesMånad sedan
  • Spoiler alert. Nick's next car will be a red Toyota TRD PRO, that Nick har customiced himself.

    AR12AR12Månad sedan
  • The Toyota Pickup is better

    Josephi KrakowskiJosephi KrakowskiMånad sedan
  • The intro summarizes where snowrunner videos have gone

    Wòofy WòoflezWòofy WòoflezMånad sedan
  • Poor truck looks like a TRD

    NanoTaterNanoTaterMånad sedan
  • OMG IM 4800TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    carcrasher 43carcrasher 43Månad sedan