Forza Horizon 4 : New RSR Outlaw & Super7 High Stakes!! (FH4 Update 34)

1 apr 2021
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Forza Horizon 4's Update 34 is here! Today we're checking out the FH4 New Update that includes the Porsche 356 RSR Outlaw & Pontiac Firebird! We've also got updates on the FH4 Super7 High Stakes! If you enjoyed this video subscribe for more Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay, Customization, Let's Play and more!
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  • Forza Horizon 5 is coming soon

    AR12GamingAR12GamingMånad sedan
    • 🤟

      JakGee2K18 JakGee2k18JakGee2K18 JakGee2k1814 dagar sedan
    • I’m going to miss FH4 ):

      DreamableGKDreamableGK24 dagar sedan
    • Pog

      Jack KuffleyJack KuffleyMånad sedan
    • 101st reply

      BrodiedoesgamingBrodiedoesgamingMånad sedan
    • Stfu

      ResistResistMånad sedan
  • Forthza? Poor feller.

    Jason DavisJason Davis18 dagar sedan
  • We need the 1967 ford falcon xr gt 1992 ford falcon gt in forza horizon 4

    Joshua GatesJoshua Gates27 dagar sedan
  • Fortza🤣😂🤣😂☺️😂☺️idiot

    4WD In Action4WD In Action28 dagar sedan
  • ._.

    StepReloadStepReload28 dagar sedan
  • My dad has a Pontiac firebird 68

    jacklazer 1080jacklazer 1080Månad sedan
  • is there going to be a update 42 in forza horizon 4

    Joshua GatesJoshua GatesMånad sedan
  • We need the 1965 rover p6 2000 in forza horizon 4

    Joshua GatesJoshua GatesMånad sedan
  • How do u get the stats to appear wjen looking at the car? Like to get the hp and stuff

    Brittain PolleyBrittain PolleyMånad sedan
  • What wheel do you use?

    LimeLimeMånad sedan
  • I got on today and it refunded me some skill points. Did they take a car out?? Thanks for any possible answers

    Kyle CooganKyle CooganMånad sedan
  • Still waiting for bmw mk5

    timmy letimmy leMånad sedan
  • Welcome back to forza horizon 4 is just the most uplifting thing :)

    Willows 11Willows 11Månad sedan
  • They should’ve added the f80 M3 a while ago...

    Ethan BastoneEthan BastoneMånad sedan
  • Just wana know when the Mercedes e55 kompresor kom in ?

    Gigalo JansenGigalo JansenMånad sedan
  • Numai tigăi de masini

    Spita AlexSpita AlexMånad sedan
  • forza should put a gs300,sc300,is300, and ls400 in the game

    matt mccamiematt mccamieMånad sedan
  • Where is the SVJ

  • I just wanna know when forza horizon 4 is going to put lifted trucks in the game like 6 inches or higher

    chadwildclay Fan C W Cchadwildclay Fan C W CMånad sedan
  • Ik i am a bit late but what's your peediction on the Porsche's price at the auction house?

    TheReaperr_911TheReaperr_911Månad sedan
  • Thank you *hackplot* you are fabulous. Thank you all everyone who recommended your hacking skills is a inspiration for me

    Carene SabumCarene SabumMånad sedan
  • Please do video about the legend m5 f90 please

    דניאל שריקידניאל שריקיMånad sedan
  • 8 minutes for 3 minutes of information... *greed is MAHSIVELY strong*

    Lucas BolekLucas BolekMånad sedan
  • 356 gonna be a drift legend

    Alfie BoltonAlfie BoltonMånad sedan
  • I want a land rover discovery 3 in the game

    Alfie BoltonAlfie BoltonMånad sedan
  • Amazing job dude ..but please do a revisiting forza horizon 4...

    Arkham KnightArkham KnightMånad sedan
  • Imagine building a car and its put into forza, I'd die

    ZZMånad sedan
  • why does he end the video after challenging a perfect opponent

    idle loaderidle loaderMånad sedan
  • the 400 in the Pontiac engine means 400 cubic inches of displacement. cmon man rookie mistake

    SleuthSleuthMånad sedan
  • when will they release older trucks

    5.7L GMC5.7L GMCMånad sedan
  • Just commenting to make it 667...

    Kofi AKofi AMånad sedan
  • that sommer car can be new mete in drag

    pantade flaskanpantade flaskanMånad sedan
  • Nick, did you play the elimination blindfolded?

    The Lover BoyThe Lover BoyMånad sedan
  • How can he drive this early?

  • meanwhile i cant even play the game.. it crashes as soon as i press start. nice

    χρηστοςχρηστοςMånad sedan
  • I am so happy that they are adding more 60s muscle cars

    Brennan StevenBrennan StevenMånad sedan
  • I'm honestly loving all the restomod porsches added into the game. They are just the perfect cars to cruise around the map.

    Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31)Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31)Månad sedan
  • It’s 400 cubic inches

    Jacob PascoJacob PascoMånad sedan
  • I'm only here to see the eliminator

    Shreyas Santhosh MathewShreyas Santhosh MathewMånad sedan
  • Jesus christ that eliminator made me feel pain

    Kharlle Laurence RabaloKharlle Laurence RabaloMånad sedan
  • The Tesla cybertruck would be so cool to drive in forza, probably will never be added but still.

    NoorizonNoorizonMånad sedan
  • 4:40 it’s because its displacement is 400 cubic inches

    Patrick martinPatrick martinMånad sedan
  • The back of that Porsche looks like the turret of the WT auf e100 😂😂

    IceanaterxIceanaterxMånad sedan
  • Day 7 of asking for a forza motorsport 4 lets play

    WillWillMånad sedan
  • the firebird was also featured in blue in the falcon and the winter solidr

    ajiboy 5227ajiboy 5227Månad sedan
  • I can't find the new porsche in the auction house

    Daniel HeissDaniel HeissMånad sedan
  • AR12 Can you please make this a drag car when you unlock this car?

    Luna The Hell Hound - Vasilia WolfLuna The Hell Hound - Vasilia WolfMånad sedan
  • Gr Yaris? 🤔

    sebbebosebbeboMånad sedan
  • I'm not the only one who wants or would like to have more classic American muscle cars? I mean there's definitely some in fh4 but I also feel there could be more, you could probably say that about a lot things in fh4 to be honest.

    Joe HaddowJoe HaddowMånad sedan

    TroopzzxTroopzzxMånad sedan
  • Imagine getting pinned by Nicky wicky 🥺

    Pixie !Pixie !Månad sedan
  • 4:40 400 is a reference to the displacement in cubic inches, basic muscle car terminology, come on dude.

    Phil GudetPhil GudetMånad sedan
  • Still waiting for Jeep Wagoneer introduction to FH4.

    Robert KowalskiRobert KowalskiMånad sedan
  • The firebird looks so sick! I'm a sucker for old pontiacs 😀

    Carmine CinardiCarmine CinardiMånad sedan
  • 2:17 officially oficial, clever words from nickock

    iluminattipailuminattipaMånad sedan
  • how can we join your lobbies

    LaVoughn PropesLaVoughn PropesMånad sedan
  • The firebird engine is a 400 because its a 400 cubic inch motor 😂😂🤦‍♂️

    dale fitchdale fitchMånad sedan
  • What do you think PG is going to do for Horizon 4's three year anniversary(update 36)?

    BFSC's StudiosBFSC's StudiosMånad sedan
  • I want the chasers in the game?!

    Samuel WaitSamuel WaitMånad sedan
  • we need trucks

    zach sarverzach sarverMånad sedan
  • eeehhh... it's alright wanted a saab or the Volkswagen polo tho maybe with a main map expansion to go with it

    Nightmare FuelNightmare FuelMånad sedan
  • the 96 impala ss was my first car, i had no idea it was in the game that’s awesome

    nendouuunendouuuMånad sedan
  • does anyone else wish he showed who won the elimanator???

    Roscoe Von gwippertonRoscoe Von gwippertonMånad sedan
  • They called it the 400 ram air because it was 400 cubic inches, not because of horsepower

    RunningOnFumesRunningOnFumesMånad sedan
  • Yo Nick, love the aventador fe tune its insane i got a 7s drag run keep up the work I love your vids!

    NotYourPxrpuse_NotYourPxrpuse_Månad sedan
  • the poniac firebird was my dad first car lol

    j fox gaming_YTj fox gaming_YTMånad sedan
  • Cmon nick, it’s called the 400 because it is 400 cubic inches, that’s how they used to classify engine sizes back in the day

    Seth HuberSeth HuberMånad sedan
  • We need new dodges

    Trey STrey SMånad sedan
  • How do you only get 330 horse power from a 6.6L “v8 motor”

    Memes 4 the massesMemes 4 the massesMånad sedan
  • Ohh boy. Pontiac 400 is a 400 cubic in engine. The 400 doesn’t mean hp it’s the cubic inch size

    Taye Got JuiceTaye Got JuiceMånad sedan
  • i want the plymouth super bird in the game

    Turtle GTGTurtle GTGMånad sedan
  • Where's the gr supra😂

    Jetziel GarciaJetziel GarciaMånad sedan
  • Is there a thing where you can suggest what cars can be in the game?

    AJ EliuAJ EliuMånad sedan
  • still waiting on a tesla

    Zxsli ShortsZxsli ShortsMånad sedan
  • I remember you wanted this but idk if that’s the version

  • The 400 is because it’s a 400 Cubic Inch engine.

    Anthony ZunigaAnthony ZunigaMånad sedan
  • I want a genesis coupe):

    TsudoDylTsudoDylMånad sedan
  • I’m just waiting for the Delorean in FH4

    TechnotomTechnotomMånad sedan
  • 15 hours ago

    CoachRangaCoachRangaMånad sedan
  • Can someone explain why some car companies don‘t accept to be in this game?

    Jean BenoîtJean BenoîtMånad sedan
  • Anyone remember the one Firebird that kinda looked like a budget camero? The pointed front end? Yeah, we need that thing in our FH4 lives

    Hairy HandsHairy HandsMånad sedan
  • Hopefully forza ads more jeeps would be awesome as a jeep lover

    Christopher HendersonChristopher HendersonMånad sedan
  • i like how i watch these update videos when i don’t even have the game

    I shaveI shaveMånad sedan
  • It's PorschE, not Porsch :P

    KovalinioKovalinioMånad sedan
  • Why am I just to suffer every month here where is the prius

    shaju kurianshaju kurianMånad sedan
  • Only 2 new cars for the update. Well we only get what we're informed

    Blaster AnonymousBlaster AnonymousMånad sedan
  • We need the 1986 bmw m635csi 1962 Lincoln continental in forza horizon 4

    Joshua GatesJoshua GatesMånad sedan
  • We need new Bentleys Morgan’s and we need spiker speedback gt and rolls Royce

    Andrew MadsonAndrew MadsonMånad sedan
  • Is no body gonna say about that win with the stelvio

    Tom AarssenTom AarssenMånad sedan
  • if you are nick like this

    Yvonne BurnsYvonne BurnsMånad sedan
  • This cars are cool but I can never be bothered to play this game anymore

    Louis BeestonLouis BeestonMånad sedan
  • I just want to know when they bring back the DeLorean from FM4

    Grant BuettnerGrant BuettnerMånad sedan
  • Yes! Can’t wait for the Firebird

    MoldyWorm GamingMoldyWorm GamingMånad sedan
  • Will there be a Forza Horizon 5 ?

    Joe LonneyJoe LonneyMånad sedan
  • 5:41 I died 😂

    Lord CRLord CRMånad sedan
  • 400 = cubic inches like a 427 and other v8’s

    Jake StewartJake StewartMånad sedan
  • I might need to rethink my whole “priorities” thing, before trying this “relaxation” shit. As I think commenting before doing anything else, is relaxing. 😂😂

    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociationCleanMotorSport RacingAssociationMånad sedan
  • These updates have gotten so boring lately, i haven't played in a few months. Never any interesting cars :(

  • Nick: Forza Horzion 4’s lack of new updates and development seems to be slowing down. Me: Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Hey Hey goodbye Me again: finally getting out of this “crappy” game not really crappy but its desent.

    Colby SteffensColby SteffensMånad sedan
  • I’m excited for that RSR

    ArielAceArielAceMånad sedan