Restoring a Toyota Supra in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

1 maj 2021
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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is here!.. kinda! We're jumping into the Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Demo to work on a Ford Focus RS and a Toyota Supra! Subcribe for more Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Gameplay, Car Builds, Junkyards and Barn Find Builds!
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  • This game is actually SO SICK! I can't wait till the full game comes out and I can put in a 5000 horsepower engine into a smart car :)

    AR12GamingAR12Gaming11 dagar sedan
    • @MsC Frostie ???? Out of no where but k

      nikki cnikki c5 dagar sedan
    • Good luck fitting it in there, you'd have to ride on top if you want to get any engine into those things

      Riley AndrewsRiley Andrews5 dagar sedan
    • You’re a bitch boy

      MsC FrostieMsC Frostie7 dagar sedan
    • Bruh forgot to add bass boosted outro

      Random PersonRandom Person7 dagar sedan
    • @Lambo Gaming what

      nikki cnikki c10 dagar sedan

    tortolini47tortolini47Dag sedan
  • the full version doesn't exist yet?

    Leonid SaykinLeonid Saykin2 dagar sedan
  • The demo was an obvious disappointment for me.

    Vade NummelaVade Nummela4 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait. Hopefully its coming to xbox.

    YeetGamer719YeetGamer7195 dagar sedan
  • He looks like mr beast

    Haqeem RidzwanHaqeem Ridzwan5 dagar sedan
  • how the fuck do u get to the shop ?

    Zotix.Zotix.6 dagar sedan
  • AR12s is that a supra meme: Is that a supa!

    Trainz And Roblox Fan 2021Trainz And Roblox Fan 20216 dagar sedan
  • I had to change rear brake rotors and rear shocks on a tundra

  • This Supra :- China Ka Maal Hai

    Zaffir AhmedZaffir Ahmed7 dagar sedan
  • WoW 😳

    MrA XgamingMrA Xgaming9 dagar sedan
  • adds a supra to the new game, still no turbo engine ._.

    Gabe DoomslayerGabe Doomslayer9 dagar sedan
  • The thumbnail looks like they are about to race with no front or rear wheels

    TuftyRaccoon22TuftyRaccoon229 dagar sedan
  • I wish my job whould be that easy🥲

    BlastedBlasted9 dagar sedan
  • We need an option between WD-40 and CRC

    Rallyman64Rallyman649 dagar sedan
  • i Wish car mechanic simulator was multiplayer

    FrostedMiniDude 86FrostedMiniDude 869 dagar sedan
  • what is better fh4 or this

    harley gossharley goss10 dagar sedan
  • This is what the forza upgrade system should be

    Ballooncoast 848Ballooncoast 84810 dagar sedan
  • Big like 👍

    Mirek_7788Mirek_778810 dagar sedan
  • EH NICK, partner up with lego again and build more variety, more technics and speedchamps and whatnot

    Vanshヅ SurekaVanshヅ Sureka10 dagar sedan
  • Is that (not) a Supra?

    Mathew GodfreyMathew Godfrey10 dagar sedan
  • Where’s my Xbox live so I can work on my cars with friends... how cool would that be? Divide and conquer, crank out the orders with my friends, rake in the cash!

    Miles VintonMiles Vinton10 dagar sedan
  • Day 106 of asking nick to play trailmakers

    Crazycat 98Crazycat 9810 dagar sedan
  • CMS 2021!?!?

    Dominick GoparianDominick Goparian10 dagar sedan
  • do a vid on the lamborghini diablo GTR in FH4

    Epileptic CarrotEpileptic Carrot10 dagar sedan
  • Noobs be like: Is ThAt A sUpRa Me: Ha lol no it’s a supa

    Adam BullarsAdam Bullars10 dagar sedan
  • Nick should do f1 online when the new game comes out

    kim-Jong Bogormannkim-Jong Bogormann10 dagar sedan

    Scott814Scott81410 dagar sedan
  • Imma but it

    tankertjuuu !tankertjuuu !10 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how many episodes it takes till he breaks the game

    MützenmannMützenmann10 dagar sedan
  • He can you please do la farrari tune in Forza horizon 4 🥺🥺

    Jitin SharmaJitin Sharma10 dagar sedan
  • I know this video isn’t FH4. But I need help. I’m trying to play FH4 but it says, “The Forza Horizon profile you are trying to load is no longer available.” I’m worried if I lose my progress. I don’t know what to do. Do I have to uninstall and do uninstall all? Please help me.

    billthelamborghinibillthelamborghini10 dagar sedan
  • 2:07 “we need 4 brake pads” buys 5

    J_xsheJ_xshe10 dagar sedan
  • Shitty thing is is that I just bought 2018..... fuck

    Chained_Turbo_GarageChained_Turbo_Garage10 dagar sedan
  • When are you going to do and other Lego Technic build

    Jacob LeekJacob Leek11 dagar sedan
  • My laptop can’t run this game :,)

    Morris The car guyMorris The car guy11 dagar sedan

    Umar FarooqueUmar Farooque11 dagar sedan
  • Is the demo available for console right now, will the game come to console once its finished?

    RCT PRSXRCT PRSX11 dagar sedan
  • WoW!!!!!

    flareon sxflareon sx11 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: that was a NA supra.

    CarKing PlayzCarKing Playz11 dagar sedan
  • "be a better driver" dead?

    Fresh PotatoFresh Potato11 dagar sedan
  • You gotta do the Volvo next😂

    Matthijs MorsettiMatthijs Morsetti11 dagar sedan
  • Done the trial before you even 😂

    xxXVenomrazbivachXxx andrewxxXVenomrazbivachXxx andrew11 dagar sedan
  • Look forward to the play thru

    Glen CrookyGlen Crooky11 dagar sedan
  • Will this game be on Xbox One?

    David BennettDavid Bennett11 dagar sedan
  • If only we could get a car mechanic sim with like FM7 level graphics and physics. This looks like 2018 that's just been given a smaller design overhaul... Expected more tbh, like the changes to be bigger.

    ExuberantRaptorExuberantRaptor11 dagar sedan
  • cmon where is the lift kits and spacers *-sOBS-*

    idekjustachannelidekjustachannel11 dagar sedan
  • iS tHaT a SuPrA?!?!?!?!

    remaG_modnaRremaG_modnaR11 dagar sedan
  • Day 1 of asking Nick to play FH2

    Jaka HabotJaka Habot11 dagar sedan
  • That volvo 244 on front yard is sick can u restore it

    VammapaaVammapaa11 dagar sedan
  • Game suggestion for Nicki poo: Gear club unlimited 1 or 2 I became a car person because of Nick thanks

    waluigibi comedy ✓waluigibi comedy ✓11 dagar sedan
  • I really hope that we can keep the dlcs from the previous game 😭

    HydraFlyHydraFly11 dagar sedan
  • Salute for car mechanic simulator 2018

    Kieron NeedhamKieron Needham11 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully they finally add mouse and keyboard support for console versions.

    Janne LaitinenJanne Laitinen11 dagar sedan
  • Man I can't wait for it to be released

    duane_xDduane_xD11 dagar sedan
  • the editor go so tired of finding the right music he just grabbed ncs music from 2015

    Animator Jerem_qpmfpiAnimator Jerem_qpmfpi11 dagar sedan
  • I finished both missions and started restoring the volvo. Tip: just remove everything because everything is damaged on the volvo

    LIL WINDEXLIL WINDEX11 dagar sedan
  • Me: Has over 500 hours in CMS2018 and decided to stop playing CMS2021: So you thought you could have a social life?

    Evan HajderEvan Hajder11 dagar sedan
  • wait, no outro?

    ShrekIsGod420ShrekIsGod42011 dagar sedan

    Bharath GBharath G11 dagar sedan
  • You should try my summer car but if you do make sure you get a family friendly mod first

    DELDER 98DELDER 9811 dagar sedan
  • That is cool

    Arnold NigelArnold Nigel11 dagar sedan
  • I watch this 9 hours of release

    ttv taylornttv taylorn11 dagar sedan
  • Is that a supa

    Anime DemonAnime Demon11 dagar sedan
  • Is that a supra Yes and no

    Mr.SupraYTMr.SupraYT11 dagar sedan
  • Day 1 of asking for home improvements part 2

    Charles ReeseCharles Reese11 dagar sedan
  • I started working as a mechanic about 3 weeks ago and we had a car in last week that looked as brokers as some of the cars in this game the bull was like 10 grand

    Thomas NardelliThomas Nardelli11 dagar sedan
  • You forgot to change the blinker fluid in the Focus Nick

    De BillingtonDe Billington11 dagar sedan
  • *Sees the Evo in the trailer* Ok im buying when is it coming to console

    Jotveer KhanguraJotveer Khangura11 dagar sedan
  • Came here after watching Theo's CMS 2021 video

    Noel DejesusNoel Dejesus11 dagar sedan
  • Is that a Supra

    Hank PlaysHank Plays11 dagar sedan
  • Not realistic enough... Ford's lug nuts suck eggs

    Shaggy_E210Shaggy_E21011 dagar sedan
  • 4:20 its the blinker fluid you spoon

    Fordfan351Fordfan35111 dagar sedan
  • Is ThAt A sUpRA

    Carter FaganCarter Fagan11 dagar sedan
  • IS THAT A FUCKING SUPRA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • this is just amazing lol im going to show this to my stepdad and dad, pretty sure they will love this game xD

    BrandonBrandon11 dagar sedan
  • Wait what CMS 2021

    SalcufSalcuf11 dagar sedan
  • I just bought sim 18 a month ago f

    xbox clipsxbox clips11 dagar sedan
  • I wish nick could revisit need for speed most wanted

    Youssef HussainYoussef Hussain11 dagar sedan
  • I wish we could’ve changed the suspension levels which we couldn’t do in 2018 either

    Manual TuningManual Tuning11 dagar sedan
  • I love it my boy nick AR12 keep up the work and I love the video lot 💯funny 💯😄😆🤣😂

    Dominic KirkwoodDominic Kirkwood11 dagar sedan
  • Video suggestion: nick next episode you should try make a flying car (I don't mean a car that when it hits something it does a million somersaults and goes to the moon, I'm thinking more along the lines of a certain mercedes race car that took flight in le mans)

    Mr-WabbitMr-Wabbit11 dagar sedan
  • Is it coming to xbox

    Pierce PiercePierce Pierce11 dagar sedan
  • Finally, we've got the new version of car mechanic simulator

    Mr-WabbitMr-Wabbit11 dagar sedan
  • It's my dream to restore jdm and USDM cars back to factory spec but sadly I'll have to do it in video games

    matthew hmatthew h11 dagar sedan
  • Nick.... that’s not Supra.... it’s the new and improved SUPA!!!

    StaaangStaaang11 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes, NCS music in the background, how I miss those days

    robotomorobotomo11 dagar sedan

    Vicky EllisVicky Ellis11 dagar sedan
  • Do Forza online but race with all the corvettes like what you did with the mustang and Porsche

    Classic cars TibbetsClassic cars Tibbets11 dagar sedan
  • Car simulator 2022 ar12 edition

    MaTTInMaTTIn11 dagar sedan
  • Can someone tell me why the cars aren't branded? Or is it just because it's the Demo?

    StudeStude11 dagar sedan
  • Supa in Greek meens soup lol

    Theodora PapagiannopoulouTheodora Papagiannopoulou11 dagar sedan
  • So I have over 1'500 hours in Car Mechanic Simulator 18 and every DLC but I don't get it early because I don't have 1,000,000 subscribers.

    Squat Penguin2Squat Penguin211 dagar sedan
    • @AR12Gaming oh, my bad.

      Squat Penguin2Squat Penguin211 dagar sedan
    • This is a demo free for everybody 😅

      AR12GamingAR12Gaming11 dagar sedan
  • More automation soon?

    Contentman8888Contentman888811 dagar sedan
  • Only took them 3 years!!!

    Mitchell PeoplesMitchell Peoples11 dagar sedan
  • When do we get some more garage fixer upper videos?

    im allergic to santa beardsim allergic to santa beards11 dagar sedan
  • will this have mods like the 2018 one

    Cody HymaCody Hyma11 dagar sedan
  • Nick : All fluids brand new Me: where's the blinker fluid?

    05Racer05Racer11 dagar sedan
  • well they finally added a 2jz nice

    NugSniffer 420NugSniffer 42011 dagar sedan
  • Where did you get the spark plugs and the ignition coils from or am i just blind?

    BoomingspongeBoomingsponge11 dagar sedan