GTA 5 FiveM : Supercar Customization & Races!!

4 apr 2021
88 530 visningar

GTA FiveM Car Customization is here! We're checking out some of the best GTA FiveM Supercars and doing some GTA 5 Customization! Subcribe for more GTA FiveM Gameplay, Roleplay, Cops and Robbers and more!
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  • What should we try out next time in GTA FiveM?

    AR12GamingAR12GamingMånad sedan
    • Revisit the crew1


      Sorley KnauerSorley KnauerMånad sedan
    • f1 grand prixs in GTA fiveM?

      No Limits RacerNo Limits RacerMånad sedan
    • Nick you should really play Noname drift server its really good

      M for GamingM for GamingMånad sedan
    • Full boost drifting

      oh_beast_breadoh_beast_breadMånad sedan
  • 4:49 "that ford gt" (me) didnt cut the corner thats the actual race layout in fiveM

    ArjanArjan26 dagar sedan
  • You should try out impulse99. Its like RSM but better.

    Mikkel Vilhelm Rosenlund RosbakMikkel Vilhelm Rosenlund Rosbak28 dagar sedan
  • Day 3 of asking Nick to play NFS Carbon

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • Nick you should play Noname drift server its really good

    M for GamingM for GamingMånad sedan
  • Check hashiriya server it’s just perfect

    Speed BoySpeed BoyMånad sedan
  • what fiveM server is he on

    Toshiro HitsugayaToshiro HitsugayaMånad sedan
  • Does anyone know what FiveM server this is? I wanna try it out

    Boosted PlaysBoosted PlaysMånad sedan
  • Try redline rp

    pollen Adamspollen AdamsMånad sedan
  • 4:04 classic Mercedes

    Zombie ToasterZombie ToasterMånad sedan
    • 5:27 another one

      Zombie ToasterZombie ToasterMånad sedan
  • Nick: my lotus is really grippy Also nick: does a burnout a mile long at the start of the grid

  • If nick landed his bike his balls would take the impact You guys can figure out the rest

    ignite_08 kignite_08 kMånad sedan
  • This is so funnn

    Xuân TùngXuân TùngMånad sedan
  • Petition for Nick to play Mariokart 8 Deluxe

    Hugo Ashley-CowanHugo Ashley-CowanMånad sedan
  • GTA “offline”😂

    FH4-RayFH4-RayMånad sedan
  • 6:13 “that’s what she said”

    Connor StennettConnor StennettMånad sedan
  • 3:18 what is that FACE!!!

    Oliver TaylorOliver TaylorMånad sedan
  • 10:43 Nice i still waiting for more Also if u wanna check me

    WeluxWeluxMånad sedan
  • Hi nick ps do the Ferrari 166 mm in Fh4 vs the Mercedes like the old f1 like a challenge with u and raymooond

    Nilobon KatesuwanNilobon KatesuwanMånad sedan
  • Sometimes i wonder how nick has a drivers license

    Justin ModiJustin ModiMånad sedan
  • Do you know you have the forza speedo

    Jeremy SchillingJeremy SchillingMånad sedan
  • Fun Fact, Nickypoo: that white and red hypercar was a pagani. You got man-handled, bruh. Love the vids

    Malik MorganMalik MorganMånad sedan
  • Good video ar12😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum BurtonMånad sedan
  • 6:42 rare footage of Marge Simpson doing a BMX

    Blaster AnonymousBlaster AnonymousMånad sedan
  • Nick says bring flashy cars , someone brings out a imsa prototype lolol.

    NickT18NickT18Månad sedan
  • GTA 5 has officially ruined F1for me

    Everyamaze 123Everyamaze 123Månad sedan
  • Dude what's with the speedo why fh4?

    Reuben MarzalReuben MarzalMånad sedan
  • I love how he said DJ doing DJ thing well he’s not lying 😂😂 3:07

    ExoZocticExoZocticMånad sedan
  • 💥💥💥

    eRacing AcademyeRacing AcademyMånad sedan
  • Is the key in the end a teaser on what Nicks next car is ?

    Ultimad GamingUltimad GamingMånad sedan
  • I think it would to funny for you to try to do a gta 5m rp

    SapphireRaidSapphireRaidMånad sedan

    Krzysztof GlinowieckiKrzysztof GlinowieckiMånad sedan
  • Tsk man I wanted to know how

    Mayank MaximumMayank MaximumMånad sedan
  • Yo man u should do a Collab with dhar mann but overall nice vids bro keep up the good work

    Brindha RathinamBrindha RathinamMånad sedan
  • Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that he might have bought a BMW because of the picture of the key.

    Ethan MurwiraEthan MurwiraMånad sedan
  • Day 8 waiting to get unbanned on discord

    Coziest16Coziest16Månad sedan
  • 3:26 No, it's worse than Forza's sound file man. Ever listened to the real car rev?

    MD CYFMD CYFMånad sedan
  • 8:33 I DID NOT KNOW THAT FIVEM HAD *THAT* MOD OMG i knew it was in san andreas and 4 but not 5 lmfao

    Suleiman MalikSuleiman MalikMånad sedan
  • Nick do a gifted with Broughy

    Kelon HarryKelon HarryMånad sedan

    engineer gaming 2engineer gaming 2Månad sedan
  • your amg in 6:43 looks better than the new bmw 7 searies

    weardoman72weardoman72Månad sedan
  • Do drag racing

    Lorraine WillettLorraine WillettMånad sedan
  • First thing to look at in FiveM: a GOOD RP server like PGN. Second thing to look at in FiveM: Fullboost Drifting.

    koroisbaekoroisbaeMånad sedan
  • You should try playing carx drift racing

    Buttermyeggrolls._.Buttermyeggrolls._.Månad sedan
  • @3:07 helicopter limo @5:32 😂😂 that was funny

    Noel DejesusNoel DejesusMånad sedan
  • Broughy1322 does a lot on FiveM and Project Homecoming, maybe something with him?

    bradley haylockbradley haylockMånad sedan
  • Please play redline RP

    XD_ VaderXD_ VaderMånad sedan
  • 3:26 I don't know why Nick seems to be surprised by that.

    Jensen ThomasJensen ThomasMånad sedan
  • What server?

    MattMattMånad sedan
  • Nick join the RedlineRp be a cop or work in a dealership

    MeMeMånad sedan
  • Day 10 of asking for a Forza Motorsport 4 lets play

    WillWillMånad sedan
  • Can u Plz Do more stolen super car!

    Blake WhorleyBlake WhorleyMånad sedan
  • Try to join project homecoming on fivem

    NoahNoahMånad sedan
  • Someone shoulda had a transit van on the Nurnburgring

    Nick SimeoneNick SimeoneMånad sedan
    • We actually tried but they didn’t have one in the game :(

      AR12GamingAR12GamingMånad sedan
  • Hi nick love the vids

    dantay hodkindantay hodkinMånad sedan
  • Nick you should try the fivem flight simulator and other jobs in transport tycoon, its lots of fun

    Reza OmarReza OmarMånad sedan
  • Nick go revisit some of the earlies granturismos!

    Kalle RapiaKalle RapiaMånad sedan
  • 5:44 *Rare audio of a penguin during the mating season*

    Purab KothariPurab KothariMånad sedan
    • Lol

      Callum BurtonCallum BurtonMånad sedan
  • POV: you just watched nick giggling like a girl for 10 minutes

    tukantukanMånad sedan
  • Does anyone still not notice the speedometer

  • Redline rp whitelisted

    toby wagstafftoby wagstaffMånad sedan
  • RSM is my fav. theres basically anything you wanna do on that server

    Hailey KingHailey KingMånad sedan
  • Hi @AR12Gaming I think you should play track mania

    Niilo KinnunenNiilo KinnunenMånad sedan
  • And this is why I need a pc

    Dylan YoungDylan YoungMånad sedan
  • MORRRRRRRE!!!!!!!!! Please Nick

    Colby SteffensColby SteffensMånad sedan
  • Can you do a car meet in GTA fivem

    Caleb JohnCaleb JohnMånad sedan
  • play redline rp

    TVXRC /TVXRC /Månad sedan
  • How do you get this game?

    Anaheim 09Anaheim 09Månad sedan
  • Forza speedometer?!

    Lane CarsonLane CarsonMånad sedan
  • Nick: calls Porsche 919 Hybrid "that thing" Me: *cries in endurance racing fan*

    PFL Sorrow73PFL Sorrow73Månad sedan
    • endurance racing these days is boring without the 919

      Slick MikeSlick MikeMånad sedan
  • this looks so cool is this even the same game

    Tyr The Norse GamerTyr The Norse GamerMånad sedan
  • What i saw ‘meth dealer’

    Tom The Xbox series XTom The Xbox series XMånad sedan
  • What’s the server called

    vteckickedinbabyvteckickedinbabyMånad sedan
  • How do you put camber?

    DJ quasabiDJ quasabiMånad sedan
  • I love it my boy nick AR12 keep up the work and I love the video funny 😄💯😆🤣😂💯

    Dominic KirkwoodDominic KirkwoodMånad sedan
  • Day 85 of asking nick to play trailmakers

    Crazycat 98Crazycat 98Månad sedan
  • Since when did nick have a bmw????? Watch to the end

    DiffyDiffyMånad sedan
  • Kunos gonna sue FiveM for using the textures and circuit XD

    Street BlueStreet BlueMånad sedan
    • The circuit isn’t anything to do with FiveM it’s a gta5 mod that someone’s put into a FiveM server

      G AndersonG Anderson29 dagar sedan
  • Please show us how to get and install FiveM

    Emmanuel GreenEmmanuel GreenMånad sedan
  • 5:42 made my day

    Child Of The DevilChild Of The DevilMånad sedan
  • Love the video but I think you are taking a step back in becoming a better driver, but heh your having fun that's all that matters.

    james learyjames learyMånad sedan
  • Idea: You could play on FiveM Redline RP and collaborate with someone like Treyten

    Not_Mr_AlexNot_Mr_AlexMånad sedan
  • Nick, go back and 100% nfs heat. The RSR is beeter on the road and try to het all ultimate+ parts.

    Sylwia ChudzikSylwia ChudzikMånad sedan
  • Why dont you do roleplay series

    GotSHOTonヅGotSHOTonヅMånad sedan
  • Do the irohazaka jump in fives pls

    Gl1tch3 p4ntsGl1tch3 p4ntsMånad sedan
  • "It has better car sounds than forza" Duuuhh forza gets beaten by a lot of free racing games as well in terms of sounds and old NFS like underground 2 had ultimately better sounds, even better than today's NFS in my opinion. So forza should like actually start working on something that is REALLY important for car enthusiasts and that's who play forza most likely.

    Fan CommentsFan CommentsMånad sedan
  • Day three of asking for a simple hi from nick

    Ryan ORyan OMånad sedan
    • Hi

      nicknickMånad sedan
  • Do velocity drift servers

    music memegodzmusic memegodzMånad sedan
  • Regular GTA has some better car sounds than Forza honestly.

    No Good Dirty RicerNo Good Dirty RicerMånad sedan
  • I swear the last time I was 40 minutes late Nick was playing forza 6

    Desk CouchDesk CouchMånad sedan
  • Fh4 challenge idea: slowest car with minimum budget.(eg. build slowest car while spending minimum of 100k credits)

    Andrew parkAndrew parkMånad sedan
    • Hmm ez just set the gearing to the highest possible number.

      SlavHammer47SlavHammer47Månad sedan
  • To everyone reading this, You are wonderfull

    Sahil RahmanSahil RahmanMånad sedan
  • Nick, check out the random races on FiveM

    matt ellismatt ellisMånad sedan
  • Bro GTA5 has so many cars without real names that you don’t even say Super Car. You say MegaCar

    DaBabyDaBabyMånad sedan
  • This has got to be one of the most funniest video on nick😂🤣

    Aryamann PareekAryamann PareekMånad sedan
  • Hi

    LiL GluestickLiL GluestickMånad sedan
  • Please make longer videos

    Zidane MayetZidane MayetMånad sedan
  • is it just me or did nick turn into a starter failling to start when you put the key in at 5:44

    Indian scammerIndian scammerMånad sedan
  • *DJ: takes a stock Chevy Cobalt.* *Everyone: please be a sleeper, PLEASE BE A SLEEPER!*

    redzepplinredzepplinMånad sedan
  • Broughy1322 Collab?

    George 600George 600Månad sedan