Building The ULTIMATE Garage!! (Part 1)

17 apr 2021
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The Ultimate Garage is today's project! I want to Build The Ultimate Garage for Working on Cars, Car Detailing and more! In Part 1, it's Spring Cleaning with the Shelby GT350 and Golf R32. Subcribe for more Ford Raptor, Shelby GT350 and VW R32!
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  • The AR12 Home Improvements start now!

    AR12GamingAR12Gaming25 dagar sedan
    • Alright now watch home improvement on laff!! Hope it all goes well nickypoo, Godspeed nick Godspeed :)

      Matthew BravoMatthew BravoDag sedan
    • Yo we have the same toolbox

      LULU1422LULU142222 dagar sedan
    • Gaming and other stuff

      Haydon JacksonHaydon Jackson22 dagar sedan
    • Yay no more just gaming

      Haydon JacksonHaydon Jackson22 dagar sedan
    • You should put the gold rims on the wall for decoration

      ChairhotdogchairChairhotdogchair23 dagar sedan
  • The reason that the headlights didn’t turn out great is that you didn’t start to sand long enough and then you didn’t polish enough if you do it by hand polish it probably should take around 30 min of the polish I would recommend getting a drill attachment and use that to do the polish and sanding stages

    Andreas Laursen GuldfeldtAndreas Laursen Guldfeldt22 timmar sedan
  • Just move houses 🤣

    Chris NChris NDag sedan
  • I always thought nick lived in Quebec until I saw the Ontario plates

    zack reese vlogszack reese vlogs2 dagar sedan
  • by the thumbnail i thought you woulda bought a bugatti

    Patt From wii sports resortPatt From wii sports resort4 dagar sedan
  • I hope you do not have a GF, if so she needs a spot in the garage

    Trevor KompTrevor Komp4 dagar sedan
  • Haha! The rims you have on your Golf are the ones I have in my Beetle!!!

    Max EilbergMax Eilberg5 dagar sedan
  • please another part

    JonybikerJonybiker6 dagar sedan
  • Next video pls

    D0DĖD0DĖ8 dagar sedan
  • That’s not a r32 that’s a golf

    Shark SparavierShark Sparavier8 dagar sedan
    • There’s a r32 golf, look it up

      “First” comment police“First” comment police8 dagar sedan
  • Nice start bro, i wish you an even better future💨💨💨

    Peter PerrakisPeter Perrakis10 dagar sedan
  • he would have a mustang tho but respect for the golf

    Evan MoesserEvan Moesser12 dagar sedan
  • Ayo still waiting for a part 2

    ObtainedLight47 MrPersonObtainedLight47 MrPerson13 dagar sedan
    • Same

      ZartasticZartastic12 dagar sedan
  • Put old bricks in the wall they look great

    J-COS OVIEDOJ-COS OVIEDO15 dagar sedan
  • Welcome back to true crime: Here we have Nickipoo breaking into his own car

    -Yoshi--Yoshi-18 dagar sedan
  • Whens part 2

    Claire YerramasuClaire Yerramasu19 dagar sedan
  • House tour please

    Nav NavNav Nav19 dagar sedan
  • Nick what you need is a carpenter

    Flynn DemunckFlynn Demunck19 dagar sedan
  • What's up nick

    dakota Beshearsdakota Beshears20 dagar sedan
  • How did you insure a vw r32 in Canada?

    Salvatore SciannaSalvatore Scianna20 dagar sedan
  • I know a criminal. It’s this guys nick

    Cooper BatsonCooper Batson21 dag sedan
  • 7:27 I thought my mans was about to say headlight fluid.

    CBxCrusader7CBxCrusader721 dag sedan
  • I recently cleared out my breezeway to renovate it. Took about a year or so. I can only imagine how long this will take. Good luck, Nick!

    Jake BroerJake Broer21 dag sedan
  • canadians when it is -50:tis but a scratch florida man when it is +10 degrees celsius: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Koala GamingKoala Gaming21 dag sedan
  • i would recommend you get in touch with Matt from Obsessed Garage, he is a garage guru

    Daniel ChirilaDaniel Chirila21 dag sedan

    Darryl MathisDarryl Mathis21 dag sedan
  • Congrats you just drove 2 cars out of a garage... looking forward to seeing the progress tho 😄

    Ben SBen S21 dag sedan
  • You know it’s easier to build a garage in Minecraft

    I play GamesI play Games21 dag sedan
  • Will he ever do gaming videos again

    Brett gamerBrett gamer21 dag sedan
  • Canadian garages are always getting destroyed I experience it very year

    Jeffey CunninghamJeffey Cunningham22 dagar sedan
  • Police seeing this : Fbi open up!!

    ForzarealsForzareals22 dagar sedan
  • Nick you should get a car lift

    John StewartJohn Stewart22 dagar sedan
  • Good luck

    Darius SandersDarius Sanders22 dagar sedan
  • Respect the Volkswagen Golf my mum and sister have one

    Jack ThegamerJack Thegamer22 dagar sedan
  • Is that lawnmower still blown up

  • You should do a Mountain biking vid

    MTB OCMTB OC23 dagar sedan
  • Go up to car and press triangle and boom hijacked

    Morris Minor 425Morris Minor 42523 dagar sedan
  • I didn't know that nick had a mustang

    supriya singhsupriya singh23 dagar sedan
  • What happened to his raptor ????

    Wildwyatt120 PlayzWildwyatt120 Playz23 dagar sedan
  • 4:55 top ten speeches hours before death

    Animator Jerem_qpmfpiAnimator Jerem_qpmfpi23 dagar sedan
  • 8:50 flash forward to nick blowing it up

    Rohan PhilipRohan Philip23 dagar sedan
  • Nick, for the headlight you need to polish it with car polish

    The RingeneerThe Ringeneer23 dagar sedan
  • put a v12 motor in the riding mower

    MarloYT23MarloYT2323 dagar sedan
  • We 40 can clean headlights

    Dimemangun 516Dimemangun 51623 dagar sedan
  • The sad thing is the sti is probably been crashed in a Ditch or has been abused🥲

    Dxniel.01Dxniel.0123 dagar sedan
  • Nick, did you play lacrosse?

    Christopher SpatzChristopher Spatz23 dagar sedan
  • 3:21 nick confirmed he had an sti

    R3TR0 Dunn0 600R3TR0 Dunn0 60023 dagar sedan
  • If ur gonna be working on the cars a lot then epoxying the floors would be ur best bet

    Mitchell PeoplesMitchell Peoples24 dagar sedan
  • omg the bit at 3:55 lol

    finnfinn24 dagar sedan
  • 9:31 Lax bro 🥍

    Tyler FaubertTyler Faubert24 dagar sedan
  • Well, I congratulated my local sex offender because, you know, he is a criminal🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    mr potatomr potato24 dagar sedan
  • If a car is going to sit for a long time Instead of keeping it on a trickle charger just disconnect the battery so you don’t waste electricity keeping it charged

    DyethDyeth24 dagar sedan
  • Wait... one can just buy a kit to break into a car?

    FastDriver318FastDriver31824 dagar sedan
  • WAtInG FoR yOur NExT EpIsOdE

    K3VIN_ PL4YZK3VIN_ PL4YZ24 dagar sedan
  • My dad can only have 1999 or older Volkswagen because they always break on him lol.

    Dustin CDustin C24 dagar sedan
  • Go Canadians!!!

    Gamer ProGamer Pro24 dagar sedan
  • i missed golf on chanel pls do more vids with it

    Vexi 573Vexi 57324 dagar sedan
  • get a neon sign

    Gh0st Drag0nGh0st Drag0n24 dagar sedan
  • my mother’s car requires you to remove the wheel to change the battery’s due to the fact the manufacturers decided to tuck the battery into the wheel well

    BrandonBrandon24 dagar sedan
  • Ah I like this

    Lucas RymerLucas Rymer24 dagar sedan
  • What trek bike is that?

    mr Mangomr Mango24 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait to watch nick tell car thieves to break into a car great idear saying and showing exactly how to get into a car without the key it's not as if a car thief would watch it or SEworld would pull it down

    Aaron CableAaron Cable24 dagar sedan
  • :(

    Mememaster12Mememaster1224 dagar sedan
  • you should've just broke it LOL and washing the head lights with soap and water works way better and good Luck :)

    yeeyeesquad 07yeeyeesquad 0724 dagar sedan
  • Nick in 2021 "Who knew breaking into a car was hard work if u know a criminal congratulate them on there work" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Geasa leslieGeasa leslie24 dagar sedan
  • Now, I just wanna know. How did you know how to break into a car??

    AngryCat 08AngryCat 0824 dagar sedan
  • I’m so excited for this series!! 👍🏻😁

    Stephen The YoutuberStephen The Youtuber24 dagar sedan
  • Can you do this every day plz

    Jack KuffleyJack Kuffley24 dagar sedan
  • 9:30 Yo I saw that lax stick Lacrosse gang

    Bubbles LohrrBubbles Lohrr24 dagar sedan
  • Wow now nick working on his own cars now

    SidedSpike74SidedSpike7424 dagar sedan
  • You played lacrosse?!

    Duke MacDuke Mac24 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the bronco 2020

    James CaffJames Caff24 dagar sedan
  • He literally has a door in his garage

    Electrojet88Electrojet8824 dagar sedan
  • fun fact: my dad can easily break into a car using that technique in 3 minutes

    Yung TuliniYung Tulini24 dagar sedan
  • yes congradulate this crimanal

    clone westbrookclone westbrook24 dagar sedan
  • The AR12 Home lmprvemetstart now!

    JakGee2K18 JakGee2k18JakGee2K18 JakGee2k1824 dagar sedan
  • This is exciting, I like it:)

    That guyThat guy24 dagar sedan
  • That r32 is literally my dream car😵

    JamesJames24 dagar sedan
  • Nick is officially chrisFix

    SuperParthz GAMINGSuperParthz GAMING24 dagar sedan
  • Don't rip the walls down..look into foam insulation where you avoid that process

    Jamie LeechJamie Leech24 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait to see more tbf

    lz Vinxlin YTlz Vinxlin YT24 dagar sedan
  • Plz dont be like all the other forza gaming channels. Please continue gaming

    LEWD211 Nightcore AMV'SLEWD211 Nightcore AMV'S24 dagar sedan
  • So are you still playing games?

    LEWD211 Nightcore AMV'SLEWD211 Nightcore AMV'S24 dagar sedan
  • Just smash the window like a pro?

    ansis05ansis0524 dagar sedan
  • What.about your gaming

    Kitty MannKitty Mann24 dagar sedan
  • Never sand your head light

    Kj HarrisKj Harris24 dagar sedan
  • Nice r32

    Alex a LEGOAlex a LEGO24 dagar sedan
  • The r32 has a jump spot in the engine bay for when the battery dies so you don't have to dig in the trunk to jump start it.

    Cody DeelCody Deel24 dagar sedan
  • I’m surprised you haven’t V8 swapped ur lawn mower yet...

    Rowan PhillipsRowan Phillips25 dagar sedan
  • You can get a Subaru STI on eBay probably. Try searching Subaru STI

    Caleb PrchalCaleb Prchal25 dagar sedan
  • A lacrosse stick?? Did you play?

    Charlie McLaughlinCharlie McLaughlin25 dagar sedan
  • Car Mechanic Simulator just got real.

    Casper De JongCasper De Jong25 dagar sedan
  • 5:42 lmfao

    HampterHampter25 dagar sedan
  • Also how the hell did you get a Bugatti to go 4500mph

    Seven GleasonSeven Gleason25 dagar sedan
  • Ar12! Get on forza I found the new fastest car the I8 can go 430mph that’s insane you just have to download the right tune it’s called s1or 2 430mph

    Seven GleasonSeven Gleason25 dagar sedan
  • Hey nickypoo look at autotempest it's a website for buying cars it searches a lot of websites in its website like eBay/Craiglist and so on and the cars are all in America and Canada so be happy stay safe and be happy, looking forward to seeing the Subaru! :)

    Ilias MohammadIlias Mohammad25 dagar sedan
  • Nice mustang I love it

    Brandon JeraldBrandon Jerald25 dagar sedan
  • Racecar the mower?

    Richhey KnxxRichhey Knxx25 dagar sedan
  • Hey, ar12 is it eorth living in canada?

    Cancel itCancel it25 dagar sedan
  • will you be streaming the progres on twitch?

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